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he principle of a place where man   be a place which the LORD your God shall
              meets with God in worship is estab-  choose to cause his name to dwell there”
        Tlished in Eden. In his unfallen state   (Deut 12:11 KJV). This was the place of
        in the garden of God, Adam was able to   worship for that time.
        converse and commune with Jehovah Elo-  Later, Solomon would build a more
        him. For a time, he gave God His rightful   permanent temple in Jerusalem, “of which
        due in obedience, honor and respect. All   the LORD said, In Jerusalem will I put my
        of this changed when sin was committed.   name” (2Kings 21:4), thus carrying on the
        Adam and Eve were driven out from that   idea of a literal place where God could be
        holy environment, as part of sin’s penalty   worshiped on His terms and in the pre-
        was an enforced distance from God.   scribed manner. However, Israel’s disobe-
          God later took up Abram to build from   dience and rebellion against God resulted
        him a nation of priestly worshipers as His   in the destruction of the first temple in 586
        peculiar treasure. In faith, Abram came   BC by the Babylonians.
        into the land of Canaan to the place of   Temple worship was again restored in
        Shechem, where he worshiped and built   the same place under Zerubbabel when
        an altar unto the LORD. Driven to Egypt   the second temple was completed 70 years
        by a famine, there is no indication of wor-  later in 516 BC It was later renovated by
        ship from Abram until he returned “unto   Herod the Great. Although the ark of the
        the place of the altar, which he had made   covenant and the Shekinah glory were not
        there at the first: and there Abram called   recovered, the Lord Jesus emphasized its
        on the name of the LORD” (Gen 13:4 KJV).   significance when He called this structure
        We again trace the principle of a place of   “my Father’s house” (John 2:16). That
        worship established in the land and a place   house was left desolate (Matt 23:38), and
        of testimony, as the Canaanite was then in   the Romans destroyed it in AD 70. Jeru-
        the land.                            salem will not be the center for Messianic
          When the nation of Israel was called out   worship of God until the coming Millen-
        of Egypt, God said, “Let them make me a   nial Kingdom.
        sanctuary; that I may dwell among them”   The Day of Grace has brought in a
        (Exo 25:8 KJV). The tabernacle was a por-  new era in which God is now not found
        table tent structure that would be erected   secluded in temples made with hands.
        in a place of God’s choosing. “There shall   Nevertheless, the metaphor of a temple is

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