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f the question were simply “Who wor-  and be offered in the right way for Him to
            ships?,” my answer would be easy. All   accept it.
        Ihumans are made in God’s image and,   OUR WRATH-PROVOKING WORSHIP
        like mirrors, must reflect or worship some-
        thing. Though what each one worships may   Before we can offer true worship, God
        vary, we conclude that everyone worships.  must first reveal Himself to us, showing us
          But the question we face in this article is   who He is and how to approach Him. The
        more complex: Who can offer worship to   uniqueness of the Judeo-Christian faith
        God in a way God accepts? Most people   is that God has done just that. In the first
        imagine that this question, too, has a   half of Exodus God tells us His Name! And
        simple answer. To them, “God” is a good-  then in the various laws and tabernacle
        natured grandfather in the sky who, like   instructions of the second half, He reveals
        an elderly person in a care home, is only   how Israel was to approach Him. In fact,
        too grateful for any attention he receives.   the Bible testifies that God has shown the
        Anyone can worship this “God,” and in   truth about Himself to everyone in every
        any way they wish. The modern wisdom   place (Rom 1:19-21; Psa 19:1-4). If we fail to
        on worship says: Don’t worry about what   offer Him true worship, we have no excuse
        kind of worship works for God, but what   (Rom 1:20).
        kind of worship works for you.         But we have failed. Although we knew
          However, this is not what the Bible says.   God,  we  dishonored  Him,  exchanging
        It asks, “Who shall ascend the hill of the   the glory of the God we were designed to
        LORD? And who shall stand in his holy   image for images resembling creatures.
        place?” (Psa 24:3 ESV), and then proceeds   Instead of worshiping our Creator, we wor-
        to answer beginning in Genesis and end-  shiped His created things! This is idolatry,
        ing in Revelation. It insists that worship   pure and simple - worship so deeply
        is either true or false, and the false it calls   offensive to God that His wrath is being
        idolatry. This idolatry is shown to be the   revealed from heaven against it (Rom
        very essence of evil. The first command-  1:18-25; 3:23). Chastened, we whisper the
        ment prohibits worship of false gods. The   question this time: “Who can offer accept-
        second includes this, but also prohibits the   able worship to God? Who shall ascend His
        worship of the true God in the wrong way.   hill?” The Bible’s majestic answer is itself
        Worship must be directed to the right God   a cause for worship: God’s own incarnate

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