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given you in your daily reading, and you   God’s house. Anna in Luke 2:37 served (la-
        spontaneously bow and say, “How great   treuo) in the temple; the worshipper (noun
        thou art.”                           form of latreuo) in Hebrews 10:2 came for
                                             cleansing with his offerings; the priests
        Purposeful Worship                   served (latreuo) the tabernacle (Heb 13:10).
          There also ought to be daily planned   While these examples refer back to wor-
        worship. It should be incorporated into   ship under the Law, Paul uses this same
        our daily and corporate prayers. The Lord’s   word to describe our worship and service
        model for prayer started with worship   today. “For we are the circumcision, who
        - “Our Father which art in heaven, hal-  worship (latreuo) by the Spirit of God and
        lowed by thy name” (Matt 6:9 KJV) - before   glory in Christ” (Phil 3:3 ESV). These verses
        moving to requests and confession. The   teach us that our worship is broader than
        content of our worship should focus on   praise from our lips or our participation at
        His Person and works. The psalmist said,   the Lord’s Supper. Paul viewed his service
        “Praise him for his mighty acts; praise him   in the gospel as worship.  “For God is my
        according to his excellent greatness” (Psa   witness, whom I serve (latreuo) with my
        150:2 KJV). Our worship should not consist   spirit in the gospel of his Son” (Rom 1:9
        of rote statements with which we open   ESV). He viewed the yielding of our bodies
        every prayer. God has revealed Himself   to God for His use as worship. “I appeal to
        in creation and in Scripture, providing us   you … by the mercies of God, to present
        exhaustless material with which to wor-  your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and
        ship Him. If we resort to the same worn   acceptable to God, which is your spiritual
        out phrases and thoughts, we are robbing   worship (latreia)” (Rom 12:1 ESV). All that
        God of the full scope of worship that is   we do in devotion to God, and because of
        His due. Worship in the form of prayer or   the worth we find in Him, is worship.
        singing is fitting for all assembly gather-
        ings, but it is the specific focus of the Lord’s   Worship in Action
        Supper – “Do this in remembrance of me.”    A beautiful example of an act of worship
        The content of our prayers and singing   was performed without words in the house
        should be focused on remembering and   of Simon the leper by Mary of Bethany
        exalting Christ, not on ourselves, human   when she broke open a flask of costly oint-
        performance, or even our needs.      ment and poured it on Christ’s head. This
                                             provides a visual of what worship looks
        Spiritual Service                    like. She found great worth in Christ as
          If worship is rendering to God what is   she considered Him worthy of the great ex-
        His due, all that we do in service to God is   pense. The act was for Him alone. She was
        worship.  Quoting from Deuteronomy, the   there to give, not to receive. She showed
        Lord Jesus answered Satan, “It is written,   great humility and honored Him as One
        ‘You shall worship the Lord your God,   who was superior – she “wiped his feet
        and him only shall you serve’” (Luke 4:8   with her hair” (John 12:3). She rendered to
        ESV). This word “serve” in Greek is latreuo   him a valuable service – “she anointed my
        (Strong’s 3000), and describes religious ser-  body beforehand for burial” (Mark 14:8).
        vice as distinct from service in general. It   May our lives be oriented toward giving
        is used to describe service associated with   God His due in true worship.

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