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Your ransomed creation, with glory ablaze,   erished by failing to praise God.
         In true adoration shall sing to your praise!  God righteously seeks His own glory,
        GOD IS COMPLETE IN HIMSELF           not for His good, but ours! For this we
                                             have been created; we are, like Israel, “the
          One of the most startling claims of the   people whom I formed for myself that
        Bible is that God needs absolutely noth-  they might declare my praise” (Isa 43:21
        ing! Paul, on Mars Hill, said that “God   ESV). Our worship adds nothing to God
        who made the world and everything in it,   but increases our enjoyment of Him. When
        being Lord of heaven and earth... is [not]   we praise Him, it blesses us! It increases
        served by human hands, as though he   our joy and delight in Him. In the words
        needed anything, since he himself gives   of Lewis, “We delight to praise what we
        ... everything” (Acts 17:24-25 ESV). We call   enjoy because the praise not merely ex-
        this the “aseity” (lit. “of oneself”) of God;   presses, but completes the enjoyment; it is
        He is derived from no one and depends   its appointed consummation. It is not out
        on no one; He is not only self-existent, but   of complement that lovers keep on telling
        also completely self-sufficient.     one another how beautiful they are – the
          As evidence, we consider the Godhead   delight is incomplete till it is expressed.”
        before creation. God did not exist in some   How wonderful to give Him what He
        lesser, incomplete state, in the absence of   deserves and  desires. Many  years ago
        angelic (or human) worship; He was and   when my son was young, he gave me a
        is everlastingly the same. In the profound   necktie as a gift. Of course, my closet held
        words of John Mason (1646-1694):     many ties; certainly, I did not need one
          Thou wast, O God, and thou was blest  more! But in the act of giving, he expressed
          Before the world begun;            what I truly desired – his love to me – so
          Of thine eternity possest          that what I did not require, I truly appre-
                                             ciated. Correspondingly, His love for me
          Before time’s glass did run.       grew, not in giving what I demanded, but
          Thou needest none thy praise to sing,  as an expression of what I desired.
          As if thy joy could fade:            God’s “greatest gift of love is to give us
          Couldst thou have needed any thing,  a share in the very satisfaction that he has
          Thou couldst have nothing made.    in his own excellence, and then to call that
          God is in no way augmented by what   satisfaction to its fullest consummation in
        I give to Him; He is complete in Himself.   praise” (John Piper). We come, not merely
        God doesn’t need my worship or my    to grasp the glory of God, but the fullness
        praise. When I glorify God, I do not add   of Him, who is the “God of glory” (Acts
        to His glory; God doesn’t need anything!  7:2). To that end, let us “worship the LORD
                                             in the splendor of holiness.”
        GOD DESIGNED US TO BE                Fountain of good, all blessing flows
        WORSHIPPERS                          From Thee; no want Thy fullness knows;

          While God does not require our worship,   What but Thyself canst Thou desire?
        it is what He passionately desires. And this   Yet, self-sufficient as Thou art,
        is the robbery that sin has effected in our   Thou dost desire my worthless heart.
        world - not that God has been somehow   This, only this, dost Thou require.
        diminished, but that we have been impov-                                -Johann Scheffler

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