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f you have a god, you know that you   God who craved “our worship like a vain
            ought to worship it. Therefore, it need   woman who wants compliments.” More
        Inot seem strange that the Bible’s God,   recently, the actor Brad Pitt said, “I didn’t
        infinitely above all lesser conceptions,   understand this idea of a God who says,
        calls true worshippers to praise Him. “The   ‘You have to acknowledge me. You have
        Father seeks … worshippers” (John 4:23).  to say that I’m the best;’ it seemed to be
          The Bible undeniably claims that God   about ego.”
        possesses infinite and indescribable glory;   So is God (I ask reverently) a narcis-
        to Him, the apprehension and acknowl-  sist? Does He seek approval to buttress
        edgement of that glory will be the highest   His fragile psyche? Of course, we might
        calling of His creatures. Man’s chief end,   properly argue that these questions are
        the Scottish divines declared, is to “glorify   inappropriate. What right has the clay to
        God, and to enjoy Him forever.” Our glory   interrogate the Potter? Obviously, God is
        is to glory in His glory; the full excellence   not obligated to justify either His being or
        of the creation will be expressed when   His behavior to mankind. But graciously,
        it embraces the eternal excellence of the   He does disclose an outline of His ways.
          The necessary human corollary forbids  GOD IS WORTHY OF WORSHIP
        us to seek our own praise. The wise king   David, by inspiration, taught Asaph to
        said, “It is not … glorious to seek one’s own   sing: “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be
        glory” (Prov 25:27 ESV). Only God has the   praised ... Ascribe to the LORD the glory
        sort of glory that is worthy of worship; it   due his name! Worship the LORD in the
        is exclusive to Him, and demanded by   splendor of holiness”  (1Chron 16:25-29;
        Him. The angels, magnificent in their own   Psa 29:1-2 ESV).
        right, deflect all honor to God; twice over,
        when John fell down before the angel, he   Our transcendent God, gloriously ex-
        was told, “You must not do that! ... Wor-  isting in changeless splendor, is the only
        ship God” (Rev 19:10; 22:8-9). Even the   Being who can be unreservedly praised.
        Lord Jesus, in His perfect manhood, said,   Every expression of praise for others, how-
        “I do not seek my own glory; there is One   ever sincere, is tempered by the knowledge
        who seeks it, and he is the judge” (John   that its object is in some way flawed. But
        8:50 ESV).                           to praise God is to apprehend the utter
          This leads to a question that has vexed   worthiness of His person. We cannot ex-
        many. If seeking glory is fundamentally   aggerate perfection! God is to be praised
        wrong for us, how can it be right for God?   because He alone is perfectly praiseworthy.
        C. S. Lewis stumbled over this in his un-  That is why we sing:
        converted days; in his book Reflections on   O worship the King all-glorious above,
        the Psalms, he revealed his struggle with a   O gratefully sing his power and his love

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