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criptures reveal how it has pleased   new-found ally within the Lord’s inner
              God to use many instruments in His   circle (Matt 26:15-16). His knowledge of
        Swork. It is characteristic of His ways   the movements of the Lord Jesus would
        that at times He will employ the most insig-  enable them to apprehend Him without
        nificant vessel to frustrate the counsels of   a crowd being present. Mary knew noth-
        the mighty. One instance was the devoted   ing of the counsels made in the darkness
        act of Mary when she anointed the feet of   of the council chambers of evil. God used
        the Lord Jesus (John 12). The counsels of   her act, however, to fulfill His Word. It is a
        the ungodly were that Christ must be put   reminder that an act of devotion done for
        to death; their one provision was that it not   the Lord Jesus will always accomplish far
        be on the feast day (Matt 26:5). Jerusalem,   more than the doer ever intended.
        crowded with pilgrims at Passover, would
        be ripe for a riot if, as they supposed, some   In a similar manner, the future of Chris-
        of His followers were to defend Him. The   tianity, humanly speaking, was at a crisis.
        intervention of the Roman guard would   The Apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, was im-
        then have frustrated all their plans.  prisoned. Adding to the seemingly desper-
          The counsels of men were at variance   ate circumstances, the conspiracy by the 40
        with the counsels of God. Enter Mary! Her   vow-takers (Acts 23:12) catapulted the cri-
        act of devotion so infuriated Judas that   sis to “red-alert” status. Fanaticism, fueled
        he went to the chief priests and agreed to   not by devotion but by hatred, has proven
        betray the Lord Jesus when it was conve-  a formidable foe throughout history.
        nient for him. The one stipulation of the   The cabal was agreed upon; the plan ap-
        leaders had to be jettisoned in light of the   peared fool-proof and destined for success.

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