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ast month, we began a brief summary of   trance of sin in Genesis chapter 3, the
              some features of the coming kingdom   world has not been totally in subjection
        Lof our Lord Jesus Christ, looking at its   to God. Down the centuries of earth’s
        certainty, its commencement, and its charac-  history,  God’s  enemies  have always
        ter. In this (concluding) article, we will touch   been present and active. The Son of
        on its climax and its continuation.     God has been given the work of bring-
        The Climax of His Kingdom               ing everything fully, and finally, into
                                                complete subjection to God. At this
          The reign of our Lord Jesus Christ over this   point, that work will have been fully
        present earth will not go on forever. After 1000   accomplished. Sin, and every enemy,
        years, as described in Revelation 20:7-15, a   will have been banished forever, with
        series of events will occur in close succession   no possibility of  any opposition to
        that will result in Satan, his living followers,   God ever raising its head again. Hav-
        and the resurrected unrighteous dead being   ing completed the work of redemption
        consigned to the lake of fire. The present earth   and restoration, the Son will present
        and heavens will be dissolved, and the new   the kingdom to His Father, in the full
        heavens and new earth, “wherein dwelleth   satisfaction of having done His work
        righteousness,” will be formed (2Peter 3:10-  completely, and to the eternal delight
        13).                                    of His Father.
          A description of what this will mean as   And thus will begin the “day of God”
        far as the kingdom is concerned is given in 1   (2Peter 3:12), in which the Son will not
        Corinthians 15:24-28. At that time, He “shall   cease to be subject to the Father: “Then
        have put down all rule and all authority and   shall the Son also himself be subject
        power.” Every enemy (the last one being   unto Him that put all things under
        death) will have been destroyed. Then, all   Him” (1Cor 15:28, KJV). This in no way
        things having been “put … under His feet,”   implies inferiority, but shows that the
        He will deliver up “the kingdom to God, even   distinctions between Divine Persons
        the Father” (KJV).                      will continue to exist in eternity. That
          These verses are glorious. Since the en-  blessed state of harmony, in which each

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