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ichard Gilbert Stewart was born on   Although  he  completed  a  degree  in
              February 21, 1933, in Philadelphia,   engineering and commerce, and was
        RPennsylvania, USA into a godly,     employed, his interest in preaching the
        Christian home. His parents had both emi-  gospel continued to grow. After hearing of
        grated from Ireland and met in America.   reports of gospel work in Ireland, he was
        The Stewart family home in Philadelphia   exercised to work for God in the land of
        was Christ-honoring, with daily prayer   his parents’ nativity. Earlier, his family had
        and Bible reading. As a young boy of   become acquainted with believers from the
        10½, he understood his need of salvation   Bryn Mawr assembly, and Gilbert was the
        and found peace with God by faith in the   first of the family to come into fellowship
        finished work of Christ. That set the course   there. In 1957, he took his mother, who had
        for a life of love for Christ and service   never been back to Ireland, home on a visit,
        for Him. He started preaching early, and   where he met many of his relatives and
        was concerned about others who were   spent a month helping in outreach work
        not saved. He spoke to his own brother,   in southern Ireland. He returned to USA
        Harold, about his need to be saved, and he   in anticipation of returning to the Emerald
        became his first convert - a very scriptural   isle. This chorus stirred his heart:
        pattern for a believer to bring his brother   Ireland needs the Saviour,
        to the Lord Jesus.                           That land so green and fair
          Gilbert’s godly influence was evident   Is burdened with sin and with broken lives,
        beyond his family as he encouraged other    And few there are who care.
        young people in spiritual ways. He printed   Souls are drifting downwards
        a large banner that read, “What think ye of   Precious souls for whom Christ died.
        Christ?” which was put in the basement of   O carry the message to Irish hearts,
        the church building they attended. He met
        weekly with other teenagers in different       Of Jesus the crucified.
        homes for spiritual encouragement, and at   In the intervening period, another
        the conclusion of the gathering, they stood   significant event occurred. He met Miss
        on the steps of the home and sang:   Esther Deyermond, from Belfast, who
             We’re saved, saved to tell others    had gone to teach in Canada for a year,
                  of the man of Galilee,     and over the 1957 Christmas holidays she
                Saved, saved to live daily    went down to the States to visit relatives
                                             in the Philadelphia area. They met at the
                for the Christ of Calvary;   Pennsauken conference. Their relationship
                Saved, saved to invite you    developed through letter writing until he
                  to His salvation free;     came to Ireland in 1960. As we look back,
                We’re saved, saved, saved    it is abundantly clear that this was of the
               by His grace for all eternity.  Lord, for he could not have had a better

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