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says it was in “the same night in which   elements of the bread and cup. Transub-
        He was betrayed” (1Cor 11:23), just hours   stantiation is a Catholic teaching that the
        prior to His death.                  bread and wine become the literal body
                                             and blood of Christ. Consubstantiation, an
        Associated with a Precept            offshoot of the Protestant Reformation and
          We can consider that the instructions   Luther, is more recent, and is the teaching
        given by Joseph were a precept, or “a rule   that the presence of the Lord comes along-
        for action or behavior.” We read in Hebrews   side, “with, in, and under,” the bread and
        11:22 that Joseph “gave commandment   the wine. It claims that the bread and the
        concerning his bones.” We, at times, use   wine are spiritually the body and blood
        poetic language in relation to the Lord’s   of  Christ,  while  remaining  physically
        Supper: “His dying wish,” an “invitation,”   only bread and wine. In both cases, this
        or “at His request.” However, this is not the   is a departure from the plain teaching of
        language of Scripture. “This do in remem-  Scripture and attempts to spiritualize what
        brance of me” is an imperative – a com-  was intended by our Lord to be symbols.
        mand to be obeyed -  and it is to be obeyed   These are pictures only of His body and
        on a weekly basis (1Cor 11:25, Acts 20:7).   blood separated in death. Horatius Bonar
        Associated with a Proclamation       got it right in his hymn, “Only bread and
                                             only wine, yet to faith the solemn sign, of
          What a strange sight the transportation   the heavenly and divine! We give Thee
        of a coffin through the wilderness must   thanks, O Lord.”
        have been. Without a word spoken, the
        box containing his bones was a constant  Associated with a Plot
        reminder of Joseph’s death. Wherever it   Faithfully, the children of Israel carried
        was seen, his death was being proclaimed.   Joseph’s bones through the Red Sea as
        Such is the truth of the commemoration of   they made their exodus from Egypt, over
        the Lord’s Supper. The bread and the cup,   40 years of wilderness wanderings, across
        chosen symbols of His body and blood, si-  the flood waters of Jordan, and then into the
        lently placed upon the table, “shew forth”   promised land under Joshua’s leadership.
        (proclaim) the Lord’s death.         Joseph’s bones arrived at their final resting
        Associated with a Picture            place, and his remains were buried in a
                                             parcel of ground in Shechem (Josh 24:32).
          Notice how Joseph did not say, “Carry   The promise of Genesis 50:24 was realized:
        me up,” but rather, “Ye shall carry up my   “God will surely visit you, and bring you …
        bones.” He would not really be present   unto the land which he sware to Abraham,
        with the remains. They bore some physical   to Isaac, and to Jacob” (KJV). As the memo-
        semblance, but it was not literally Joseph.   rials of Joseph’s death were put away, we
        James 2:26 tells us that “the body without   are reminded again of our heavenly Joseph,
        the spirit is dead.” The real Joseph wasn’t   and the temporary nature of the Lord’s Sup-
        there.                               per. It will only be “until He come.” Then,
          This certainly reminds us of the mis-  face to face, we will see the beautiful man
        taken teachings of transubstantiation and   of Calvary. Symbols will give way to sight.
        consubstantiation in relation to the Lord’s   May we treasure the weekly commemora-
        Supper. Such teachings suggest that some-  tion of the Lord’s death in the eating of the
        thing miraculous occurs with the physical   bread and drinking of the cup.

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