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aul was a Pharisee and smugly secure   The Purpose of the Law
              in a comfortable routine. He carefully
        Sobserved the washing rituals and holy    If the law is irrelevant, why was it
        days, and vehemently opposed any threat to   given? Paul states in 1 Timothy 1:9 that
                                                the law was not made for the righteous,
        the traditions. There was a new sect in Jerusa-
        lem, followers of Christ, and Saul threatened   but for the lawless and disobedient; it
        to get rid of them all. He helped execute one   was made for the ungodly and sinners,
                                                not for believers who are indwelt by the
        of them, then went to the high priest to obtain   Holy Spirit. While Old Testament law
        authority to arrest more, and set off for Da-  appears to have been a way to please
        mascus. But Christ met him on the road and   God, it was also a standard of righteous-
        his life was changed. Saul the law-keeping   ness intended to expose the sinfulness
        Pharisee became Paul the Spirit-led apostle   of human nature. It was given to ancient
        of Christ.                              Israel because of transgressions, “that
          Perhaps  the devil  had  smirked  as  he   sin by the commandment might become
        watched Saul’s ambition – a zeal that kept Saul   exceedingly sinful” (Rom 7:13, KJV),
        thinking that his acceptance before the LORD   until the promised Christ came Who
        God lay in his performance of the traditions   could redeem them from the curse of
        handed down from the Jewish fathers. After   the law. It was given to us to show our
        he was saved, Paul wrote to the Galatians, “I   sinfulness until Christ came into our ex-
        do not nullify the grace of God, for if right-  perience and justified us through faith
        eousness were through the law, then Christ   (Gal 3:19, 24).  “Christ is the end of the
        died for no purpose” (Gal 2:21, ESV). The   law for righteousness to everyone who
        aspiration of his life became to know Christ   believes” (Rom 10:4, ESV).
        and the power of His resurrection (Phil 3:10).
        Unlike Paul, however, the Galatian believers  The Inferiority of the Law
        were being swayed by false teachers who   Your position as a child of God
        insisted on keeping the law to attain greater   renders the law obsolete. The law is a
        favor with God.                         constraint, as a code of conduct to an
          Satan uses the same schemes to hinder be-  employee or a speed limit sign, but it is
        lievers today. While we don’t insist on follow-  an inferior measure. Limitations are al-
        ing the Torah or Jewish oral tradition, Satan   ways more effective when administered
        presents us with a more tolerable impulse: try   by a person, especially when a relation-
        to please God by keeping the rules of men or   ship exists. When a respected manager
        even some self-constructed standard. But any   steps into the office, employees are on
        law-keeping to gain favor with God will be   their best behavior. Seeing a police
        detrimental to our spiritual progress.  officer in a car with steaming exhaust

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