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message to the effect that the intense afflic-  Paul states, “Do you not remember that
        tion they were experiencing was because   while I was still with you, I was telling you
        of the Day of the Lord (2Thes 2:1-3).  The   these things?” (2Thes 2:5, NAS). They did
        Thessalonians’ hope had turned to fear   not remember. Forgetting truth is costly.
        and dread. They were troubled. Think-  That is the point of this article. Satan at-
        ing perhaps they had missed the Rapture   tacked truth and it was costing them their
        altogether, confusion had set in. It affected   hope and comfort. The testimony was in
        some in such a way that they had even   jeopardy. Instead of being built up they
        stopped working and were living an un-  were being torn down. The Thessalonians
        ruly life (2Thes 3:11).  The new believers   had failed to hold fast to the truth.
        who once stood firm were now disrupted.
        Truth had been attacked. The Thessalonians  Firm in the Truth
        were faltering.                        Paul provides the only solution to Satan’s
        Facing the Failure                   attack on truth, and that is to “stand fast,
                                             and hold the traditions which ye have
          Paul wrote to them to correct and com-  been taught, whether by word, or our
        fort them. He begins his second epistle by   epistle” (2Thess 2:15, KJV).  Comfort will
        saying, “and to you who are troubled rest   come from holding fast to the Word of
        with us” (2Thes 1:7, KJV). Paul had previ-  God. Not only does Paul correct the error
        ously taught them concerning the coming   they had believed, but commands them
        of the Lord to the air and the Day of the   that if there was anyone who would not
        Lord; they were to be words of comfort   obey the instructions of “this letter,” they
        and building up, not fear or dread (1Thes   were to mark that person and separate
        4:18, 5:11).  Specifically, he taught them   themselves from him. They were not to be
        that while the Day of the Lord will come   united with those who were deceived and
        as a thief in the night for the unbeliever,
        they, as believers, would not be overtaken.   who walked in an unruly way. They were
                                             not to treat him as an enemy, however,
        Paul states, “but you, brethren, are not in
        darkness, that the day would overtake you   but as a brother, that that person might be
        like a thief; for you are all sons of light and   ashamed and restored. The Thessalonians
        sons of day” (1Thes 5:4-5, NAS). And, “For   would be comforted and built up if they
        God has not destined us for wrath, but for   held firm to the truth.
        obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus   The practical application to us is clear.
        Christ” (1Thes 5:9, NAS). Paul confirms to   We cannot stand firm if we do not know or
        the believers that the Day of the Lord had   remember the truth. Satan will take advan-
        not come. He continues to remind them   tage of us if we are ignorant of his devices
        that the Day of the Lord cannot come un-  (2Cor 2:11). Satan’s great assault on believ-
        less there is a falling away first; then the   ers today is a moral assault. He continues
        “restrainer” will be removed, and the man   to ask, “Hath God said?” We have access
        of lawlessness and the son of destruction   to the Scriptures and a wealth of resources
        will be released (2Thes 2:3-8).  Then the   concerning the Scriptures. May we always
        Lord will be revealed with his holy angels   measure what we read, hear, and watch by
        and will take vengeance on the ungodly   the Word of God. We will stand firm if we
        (2Thes 1:7-9, 2:8).                  hold firm the Word of God.

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