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o you have nerves of steel? The   if they were firmly grounded in the faith.
               Thessalonians did. The opposition   Paul knew Satan would tempt the young
        Dto the Christian faith and the gos-  flock. Would they stand firm? Would they
        pel in the port city of Thessalonica on the   walk worthy? Was the apostle’s labor in
        Aegean Sea was severe. For three Sabbath   vain?
        days, Paul preached and there was fierce   Paul was energized by the good news
        opposition. He reasoned with them out of   from  Timothy  that  they  had  not  been
        the Scriptures, explaining and giving evi-  shaken. His labor was not in vain: they
        dence that the Christ had to suffer, die, and   had endured and their faith was firm. They
        rise again from the dead. Paul declared,   had received the Word in much tribulation
        “this Jesus, whom I preach unto you, is   and were examples to all the believers in
        Christ” (Acts 17:3, KJV).  Some Jews were   Macedonia and in Achaia (1Thes 1:6-7).
        persuaded, along with many God-fearing   Paul, Silas, and Timothy spread the word
        Greeks, and a number of leading women.   to others that the new believers proved
        Flourishing in the Trial             they had the courage to stand firm under
                                             fierce opposition. The Thessalonians were
          Fueled by jealousy, the Jews who did not   flourishing.
        believe took wicked men from the market
        place and went to find and attack Paul and   Faltering in Truth
        Silas. Unable to find them, they instead   Satan is not easily thwarted.  If they
        attacked Jason and some of the other new   weren’t shaken by persecution, then he
        believers in his house. The riot was only   would shake them concerning the truth
        put down when Jason and the others were   they held. It is not clear precisely how the
        forced to pay a financial pledge assuring   attack came, but it was effective. Perhaps
        that this disturbance would not happen   Paul’s enemies sent someone posing as a
        again. The brethren sent Paul and Silas   messenger from the missionaries. Maybe
        away. From the safe distance of Athens,   it was a forged letter with Paul’s name on
        Paul sent Timothy to Thessalonica to know   it. In any case, they had received a false

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