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n the natural world, it might be true   tack our sanity. We wouldn’t whisper it to
           that  courage  is  fear  under  control.   anyone, but we even wonder if God has
        IBut it is not generally so in the Bible,   forgotten us.
        where we learn that fear is the opposite   We also might ask, “Why is this hap-
        of courage. In fact, fear recedes from the   pening? Where is the evidence of God’s
        heart to the extent that an appreciation   love?” The Lord looks past these questions,
        for the Almighty moves in. Remember the   which the unnamed prophet has already
        Lord’s words, “It is I, be not afraid” (John   addressed. There is a further message: “Go
        6:20, KJV).                          in this might of yours and save Israel …
          Israel was under the heel of Midian, with   have not I sent you?” (Judges 6:14, ESV).
        a dwindling food supply and fear that
        drove them into caves. Into this nightmare,   There may be a reason that the Lord
        an unnamed prophet comes to convict Is-  has appeared to Gideon. God, Who takes
        rael of their disobedience. We don’t need   note of the “cup of cold water” given to
        his name, but we do need his message,   a disciple (Matt 10:42), saw the budding
        which is a reminder of the power and care   courage of this thresher. There is no in-
        of God in days past. He, however, gives no   significant act in God’s reckoning. The
        hint of hope for the present.        effort you make this Lord’s Day to get out,
          A message of hope does come by the   though disheartened and dismayed, will
        Angel  of  the  Lord  to  the  industrious   bear fruit. It may not be today or tomor-
        Gideon  as  he  secretly  threshes  wheat,   row, but it will accomplish its purpose in
        hiding it from the enemy. The message is   God’s plan. Gideon is doing what he can
        pointed, powerful, and plain: “The Lord   in weakness and fear, preferring to work
        is with you” (Judges 6:12). Immediately,   in the darkness. The Lord is not put off
        questions and doubts arise as he analyzes   by this feebleness, and will soon use him
        the message through the lenses of his own   to rout Midian in the darkness. The Lord
        circumstances. Likely, we have done the   will also use you, taking up your “cup of
        same. Intellectually, we know God is with   cold water,” if that’s all you have, to fulfill
        us, but the bleak conditions around us at-  His will.

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