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ver the past months, we have been   ises. On the contrary, He spoke of Himself,
               looking together at the lordship of   in parable, as going “to receive for himself
        Oour Lord Jesus Christ. Not only     a kingdom, and to return” (Luke 19:12,
        is He Lord, He is King, and is coming to   KJV). This was for the instruction of those
        take up His kingdom. This is a vast subject,   who “thought that the kingdom of God
        and, because this series is not on future   should immediately appear” (v11, KJV).
        events, but specifically on His Person, we   They were not wrong as to the actuality
        will not enter into an extensive discussion   of the kingdom; their mistake was that
        of God’s program for the future. Rather,   they thought that it was about to appear,
        we will briefly, over a couple of articles,   whereas the Lord had to teach them that
        outline some of the features of His coming   He had to go away first, and return as king
        kingdom. We will think of its certainty,   (vv11-27). The thief on the cross spoke of
        commencement, character, climax, and   Him coming into His kingdom, and the
        continuation.                        Lord did not contradict him, but prom-
        The Certainty of His Kingdom         ised him a much more immediate bless-
                                             ing (Luke 23:42-43). When the disciples
          Paul writes that “He must reign” (1Cor   asked Him, as He was about to ascend,
        15:25, KJV). It is an absolute necessity and   “Wilt Thou at this time restore again the
        certainty. God has said that it will happen,   kingdom to Israel?” He did not deny that
        and so it will. The Old Testament speaks   that  kingdom  would  come;  rather,  He
        consistently of it. “Behold, a king shall   confirmed it, referring to “the times” and
        reign in righteousness” (Isa 32:1, KJV). “Yet   “the seasons” (Acts 1:6-8, KJV).
        have I set My king upon My holy hill of   The epistles also tell of it. A notable ex-
        Zion” (Psa 2:6, KJV).                ample is in Hebrews chapter 2, where the
          When He was on earth, the Lord Jesus   writer writes of “the world to come” (v5)
        did not rescind the Old Testament prom-  and shows that it is God’s purpose that it

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