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Purpose                                Ch 26-36 Principles in Progress
          The  theme  of  Numbers  is  a  people      Seven Lessons
        traveling through the wilderness; it is the   The Second Numbering - the tragedy
        wilderness book of experience. It marks   of unbelief
        the progress, or lack of progress, of the   A Successor Named - the solemnity of
        people of God.                       failure
        Pictures of Christ in Numbers          The Sacrifices and Seasons - the priority
          His Life - Ark, Nazarite, Manna    of God
          His Death - Brazen Serpent, Red Heifer,   The Statutes - the importance of obedi-
        Passover Lamb                        ence
          His Resurrection - Aaron’s Rod, Rock,   Strife Removed - the lesson of Midian
        Star, and Scepter                      The Story of their Journeys - the lesson
        Parts of Numbers                     of the past learned
          Ch 1-10 Preparation for Progress     The Salvation Provided in the Cities of
               Seven Requirements            Refuge - mercy and justice to mark them
          Organization                         The three sections are also linked to-
          Separation                         gether as follows:
          Purification                         1. A problem arises for which Moses
          Consecration                       needs special guidance from the Lord for
          Dedication of Levites              the wilderness
          Fortification                        ch 9 - Defilement and the Passover
          Appreciation of Divine Guidance      ch 15 - Disobedience and the Sabbath
                                               ch 27 - Daughters and the Inheritance
          Ch 11-25 Problems in Progress
               Seven Rebellions                2. Marks of mercy and grace of God
                                               ch 9 - Passover and second month pro-
          ch 11 - Murmuring over manna       vision
          ch 12 - Miriam and Aaron speak against   ch 22-23 - Balaam and Balak, and God
        Moses                                overturning counsels of the ungodly
          ch 13-14 - Unbelief concerning the Land  ch 32 - The two tribes and the allowance
          ch 16-17 - Korah, Dathan, and Abiram  to remain on the east of Jordan
          ch 20 - Murmuring over water
          ch 21 - Murmuring over the way       Poetry
          ch 25 - Baal-peor and defilement     ch 10:35-36; 21:17-18, 27-30; ch 23-24

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