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made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. No   not compromising truth. Moses, in his
        longer was Moses concerned with issues,   position as leader, was willing to confront
        such as his lack of eloquence, but he was   the failure of Aaron’s leadership.
        concerned that the sin of the people would
        ultimately destroy any chance of God   Courage to Intercede
        fulfilling His promises to the fathers to   A further look at Moses’ understanding
        make of these people a great nation. This   of God, His purposes, and His character
        reflects the heart of love that Moses had   can be inspiring to us as believers today.
        for the people of God, as he was willing to   Doubtless, it was this understanding that
        confront the sin that had such devastating   developed the courage in Moses’ life. And
        consequences, concerned about the effect   it was the recognition of the purposes of
        on their testimony to the nations around   God to make Israel a great nation that
        them.                                made him willing to go before an angry,
          Sometimes it’s easier in the short term   offended God and intercede for the people.
        to choose not to identify sin and hope it   In Moses’ intercession, he was confident
        will go away. But God’s once-timid leader   that, since God had delivered them from
        had the courage to stand alone and call out   the crushing bondage of Egypt, was con-
        what impugned the holiness and character   cerned about Israel’s testimony among
        of God, and what was detrimental to His   the nations, and had made promises to
                                             the fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, an
                                             atonement could be made. He was not con-
        Courage to Confront                  vinced that God had no further use for His
          In this passage, Moses also confronted   people, but was anxious to see restoration
                                             and consecration occur.
        his brother, Aaron, about succumbing to
        the pressure of the people to worship other  Courage to Act
        gods. He wasn’t at all tempted to apply a   Clearly, there were those who were not
        different standard of truth to his brother.   “on the Lord’s side.” They had departed
        Moses asked, “What did this people unto   from the truth of God. Moses then asked
        thee, that thou hast brought so great a sin   the probing question, “Who is on the
        upon them?” (Ex 32:21, KJV). He got to   Lord’s side?” (Ex 32:26-29, KJV). As sad as it
        the heart of Aaron’s problem, which was   was, those who were opposed to the truth
        a desire to appease the people. Appease-  of God had to be physically removed from
        ment led to greater sin in the camp. It’s   the camp by the sword. The sad conse-
        clear that Aaron was trying to live on the   quence of departure from all the blessings
        slippery slope of compromise by declaring   which God had displayed in delivering
        a feast unto the Lord and building an altar.   them from Egypt, and the pathetic result
        However, in response to the people asking   of appeasement and compromise, was
        for other gods (Ex 32:1), Aaron had already   that 3000 souls were wiped away from all
        tried to appease the people by taking their   that God had intended for them. It was
        earrings of gold to fashion the golden calf.   the courage of Moses to stand alone and
        It’s doubtful that Aaron really foresaw the   to lead that ultimately brought the people
        result of his compromising of truth, but   into God’s blessing, and cleared the path
        the unrestrained debauchery that followed   for a new leader to bring them into the
        painfully underscores the importance of   land of promise.

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