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fter an examination of the profile   immediately knew, as he entered the camp,
              of Moses, and the courage that   that what God had told him about the
        Amarked him in Exodus 32, we, too,   departure of the people was true (see Ex
        can be inspired by this man of God who   32:8). He witnessed the camp in absolute
        stood alone in times of spiritual darkness.   spiritual disarray and was immediately
        Unlike his mother, Jochabed, who was cou-  offended by the calf worship and the unre-
        rageous in putting little Moses into the ark   strained behavior. The law of God, written
        of bulrushes, Moses wasn’t exactly coura-  by His own finger, was broken, and Moses
        geous at the beginning of his call to service.   demonstrated that by shattering the tables
        God called Moses to service (Ex 3), but Mo-  of stone.
        ses feared the skepticism of the people of   What marks Moses here is the readiness
        Israel and their questioning whether God   to identify the sin of the people. He went
        had really appeared to him. Furthermore,   right to the heart of the problem (v20), and
        he trembled at his own human frailty and   destroyed the calf by burning it, grinding
        inability to eloquently speak God’s con-  it to powder, and removing its existence
        sistent message to Pharaoh (Ex 4:10). But   from among the people, scattering it in
        as the curtain falls on his service for God,   the water. As the children of Israel drank
        we see Moses encouraging Joshua to “Be   of that water, they were made to taste a
        strong and of a good courage” (Deut 31:7,   small portion of the bitterness their sin
        KJV). Courage was developed throughout   would bring them and to understand just
        his life. The passage in Exodus 32 supports   how egregious their offense was to the God
        this in a powerful way, as we see various   Who had said, “Thou shalt have no other
        ways in which courage was displayed.  gods before Me” (Ex 20:3, KJV).
                                               Moses was a leader who was willing
        Courage to Identify Sin              to stand alone before all the people and
          Moses is highlighted in this passage as   address the sin that threatened to alienate
        being deeply affected by what he saw. He   them all from the covenant that God had

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