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f we consider that the Bible, on approxi-  appropriate response in an evil world; yet
           mately 365 occasions, says “Fear not,”   even here there is a resource for us, as we
        Iwe are quickly made aware of two facts:   shall see.
        God knows that we live in a world that is
        a fearful place, and God wants us to live   The Roots
        without fear.                          Fear can arise from many different
                                             sources. Life experiences, physical and
        The Reality                          emotional trauma, sexual abuse, and the
          The first intimation of fear is in Genesis   evil all around us are just some of the many
        3:10 (KJV): “I heard Thy voice … and I was   causes for the fear we experience. Some
        afraid.” Sin brought with it fear, a fear of   fear the future and eternity – a whole-
        meeting God. Prior to the entrance of sin,   some fear that, if addressed in honesty,
        there was no fear, and no reason to fear.   can lead to spiritual blessing. Others are
        But sin introduced, among many things,   occupied with and fear the disapproval
        the element of fear into our world.  of their peers. Men-pleasing is addressed
          It is interesting to think that, since He   in Scripture and likened to a snare (Prov
                                             29:25). Fear for the future can also include
        was without sin, the Lord Jesus did not   financial and health issues. Faced with
        know fear in that sense. He was marked   a bad health diagnosis and an uncertain
        by the “fear of God,” which is an entirely   future, fear would be our default position.
        different emotion. The fear of God is a   The first occurrence of God’s “fear not”
        desire to please Him, not a dread of Him.   is found in Genesis 15:1 where God tells
        The Lord Jesus moved through this world   Abram, “Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield,
        without fear of man in perfect repose upon   and thy exceeding great reward” (KJV).
        His God.                             Consideration of this Scripture and its
          But we, in contrast, are quite accustomed   context may help us to understand some
        to fear. It is part of the human condition,   key principles and gain insights into the
        an uncomfortable experience we have all   roots of this paralyzing emotion. The first
        had. It takes many forms and shapes and   thing, however, that confronts us is that it
        afflicts some of us more than others. Fear   is the man of faith, Abram, who is being
        can produce anxiety, obsessive compulsive   reassured and whose fears are being al-
        behaviors, panic, and, in severe forms,   layed. So fear does not mean failure. God
        can rule lives and destroy usefulness for   knows that we face, just as did Abram,
        God. At times, however, fear is the only   some frightening circumstances.

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