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es. Parents will soon be able to point and   for transplantation and research. The hor-
        click their way down a menu of options to   rified world condemned the Nazi death
        upgrade their baby’s personality, abilities,   system for doing just that. Two genera-
        and appearance.                      tions later, it is happening again. The only
          The designer-baby movement affronts   difference? We have substituted human
        God’s sovereign will. God makes each child   embryos as the group of violated, com-
        male or female and chooses his or her char-  modified human beings priced at market
        acteristics in the womb as He pleases (Gen   value (Rev 18:13).
        1:27; Psa 139:13-17). Children are His gifts,   At Nuremberg, the world rightly re-
        and parents are to accept and love them   jected the Nazi doctors’ argument that
        unconditionally as whole persons, and not   since these inmates were going to be killed
        merely as commodities with pre-selected   anyway, they should be put to good use.
        traits (Psa 127:3-5). Further, if parents con-  Yet proponents of gene editing have joined
        trol their child’s genetic endowments, they   with abortion propagandists to advance
        will corrupt normal bonding. Genetically   the same rationale. They assuage the guilt
        engineered children will quickly realize   of parents who are choosing death for their
        that their parents, looking for a return on   unborn children, arguing that the mother
        investment, love them not for who they are,   can redeem her abortion by donating the
        but for how they perform. Children with   baby parts to provide tissue for research
        genetic upgrades will bear the burden of   and therapy. Further, when patients need
        living up to the standards their parents   fetal tissue with precise genetic profiles to
        designed them to meet: they must excel.   correct their medical problems, the system
        The oppressive weight of these expecta-  will recruit women to conceive life solely
        tions will smother their freedom to make   to terminate it. Who can possibly give con-
        their own way in the world.          sent for this? The mother who has chosen
                                             to have her unborn child killed, and who
        Fetal Harvesting                     profits from the death, plainly has no moral
          Like current in vitro fertility techniques,   status to speak on her baby’s behalf.
        the process of gene editing requires tech-  The Bible teaches that the “let us do evil
        nicians to generate many embryos. From   that good may come” argument is wicked,
        these, they will select one or two express-  and that utilitarian end-justifies-the-means
        ing the desired traits and destroy the rest—  reasoning is unconscionable for believers
        or sell them. They will implant the chosen   (Rom 3:8). Killing an innocent human be-
        one or two in a mother’s womb either to   ing to alleviate the suffering of another is
        go to term as designer babies, or to die by   an immoral way of achieving that end. God
        abortion to harvest their designer tissue.   never justifies evil means to produce good
        As recent exposés have shown, the current   ends, even when those ends are highly
        abortion industry has grown rich from the   desired. Since all human beings bear God’s
        sale of fetal organs; the designer-baby and   image, we must honor each person as a
        designer-abortion industries will greatly   noble end, and never demean him or her
        expand this trafficking in baby parts. We   as a mere means for another’s gain. Adding
        would rightly denounce surgeons and   a wrong to a wrong does not subtract the
        scientists who took advantage of an orga-  first wrong; it simply adds another wrong,
        nized homicidal machine that provided   compounding evil.
        them with a limitless supply of cadavers                   - To be continued

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