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ow that such impressive scientific   them (Amos 4:1). Similarly, modern first-
               achievements are commonplace,   world egoists will consume  more  and
        Npeople are growing restless for     more medical resources for personal en-
        new categories of medical treatment. No   hancements not central to medicine, while
        longer content with merely being well,   millions will go without even basic care.
        the selfie culture wants to be better than   Point-and-Click Babies
        well. In humbler times, providing pa-
        tients compassionate care was enough.   If a designer body is appealing, many
        But public expectation is shifting away   future parents are even more excited about
        from therapy toward enhancement, from   the prospect of designer babies. Gender
        restoring health to pursuing perfection.   selection is already straightforward with
        New medical consumers, already sold on   current artificial insemination and in vitro
        cosmetic surgery and at ease with per-  fertilization techniques. We might justify
        formance-enhancing drugs, are counting   choosing the sex of a child if parents want
        on a larger mall of products and services   to avoid passing a sex-linked genetic disor-
        from which to choose. Genetic engineering   der to their children, such as the hemophil-
        promises to take their personal enhance-  ia B that Queen Victoria spread through
        ment to a whole new level. Some scien-  her offspring to many royal houses in
        tists are channeling resources away from   Europe. Such illnesses are unusual; most
        the pursuit of legitimate gene therapy to   parents have no medical justification for
        the search for genetic upgrades to sell to   choosing their baby’s gender. Some want
        healthy people. They paint the picture of   a boy or a girl to “balance” their families,
        a biologically-augmented superhuman—a   while others want to choose the gender
        healthy, pretty, and witty demigod engi-  favored in their culture—usually male.
        neered to live for centuries.        China’s one-child policy shows where sex
          This fascination with human enhance-  selection leads: because of their preference
        ments panders to pride. Behind the narcis-  for male children, Chinese couples created
        sism lurks the materialistic delusion that   a gender imbalance by selectively aborting
        human life is a merry-go-round that rotates   girls. By 2008, China had 22% more boys
        once and then vanishes. Since a person   than girls, and this surplus of young men
        goes around just once, he must quickly   is now fomenting social unrest.
        push and wheedle and sue to acquire the   Genetic engineering promises choices far
        things that make for a happy ride. If he   beyond a child’s gender. Technicians can
        could obtain a premium mind and a perfect   now use CRISPR-Cas9 molecular scissors
        body, his ride would be all the merrier.   to edit the DNA of egg and sperm cells. If
        What fun to be superior to the little people   we use this powerful technology to cut out
        who can’t afford the technology! Amos   and replace faulty genes, we will promote
        rebuked the wealthy, self-indulgent people   wellness. However, as genomic research
        of Samaria, calling the leisure-class women   identifies gene clusters associated with de-
        “cows of Bashan” who graze in luxury,   sirable traits such as increased intelligence,
        demand that their husbands satisfy their   athleticism, and musicality, engineers will
        cravings, and despise the needy around   start to edit genes for non-medical purpos-

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