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ach of the resurrection appearances  as second-class disciples because they had
              of the Lord Jesus highlights some  forsaken Him in His hour of need. His
        Easpect of His current work as our  kindness and gentleness are evident in His
        High Priest above. He is seen commission-  every word and gesture.
        ing, empowering, restoring, and blessing.
        As our Shepherd-High Priest, He meets  His Goodness
        and supplies our every need. In the scene   They had spent the night fishing. They
        which unfolded by the sea of Tiberias in   were looking forward to a nice fish break-
        John 21, there is also a foregleam of a heav-  fast. After catching their fish, they would
        enly scene. So numerous are the unique   have to clean and then prepare them; then
        touches so characteristic of His ways, that   there would be the frying, and finally the
        the enlightened soul can only worship by   enjoyment of the meal. But when they ar-
        chapter’s end.                       rived at land, there was a meal already pre-
        His Greatness                        pared: not only fish, but also warm bread
          There was a night of fruitless fishing.   to accompany it (v9). At the very least, He
                                             was teaching that He could do better for
        At the Word of the Stranger, the net was   them than they could do for themselves.
        suddenly teeming with fish. The disciples
        brought the net of fish to shore. The fruit   His Grace
        of their “labor” was really non-existent. It
        was only when His power was introduced   But the scene on the shore has one addi-
        that the net was filled with the multitude of   tional touch which foreshadows a coming
        fishes. Yet, His word to them was, “Bring   eternal day. The Lord of Glory, the Sover-
        of the fish which ye have now caught”   eign of the Skies, took bread and fish and
        (John 21:10, KJV). He gave them full credit   began serving them. He, in resurrection
        for catching fish which, in reality, He had   glory, waited on His disciples and served
        caught for them.                     them. Allow your imagination at least a
          What a harbinger of the Bema! He will   moment or two of freedom. Can you envi-
        delight to reward each of us for labor which   sion Him moving from disciple to disciple
        has been done for Him; the results of our   asking them if they had enough? If they
        labor were only possible because of His   would like more? He made it His personal
        power and guidance. There is little wonder   responsibility to be certain that each had all
        that we will cast our crowns at His feet!  he wanted of the bread and fish.
                                               Will this be what eternity is like? Will it be
        His Gentleness                       His personal responsibility to be sure that
          There was not a word of rebuke or re-  each believer is as full as He is able to make
        proach to His disciples as they rowed to  us? Will He, in Melchisedec character, come
        shore. No reminder to Peter of his failure.  forth with heavenly “bread and wine” and
        There was no hint to Thomas of his recent  reveal the wonders of divine Persons to us?
        lapse. The other five were not dealt with  What an eternity awaits us!

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