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Page 8 - August 2018 - Truth & Tidings
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n the beginning, God directed Adam   the “beloved physician” portrays the Lord
            to  subdue  and  rule  the  earth,  and   Jesus as a Doctor who “cured those who
        Ieverything in it (Gen 1:28). In this “do-  had need of healing” (Col 4:14; Luke 9:11,
        minion mandate” the Lord called the man   ESV).
        to use his intellect, creativity, and strength  Genetic Engineering: Promises and
        to enhance the beauty of creation, and to  Pitfalls
        extend the Garden over all of Eden and the   Medicine has made great strides since
        earth. He also charged Adam to discover   the days of the fig poultice. The ancient
        the earth’s potential and to harness its re-  Greek physician Hippocrates spoke only of
        sources for his benefit. By this mandate, the   care; now we speak of cures for a growing
        Lord encouraged technology—applying   number of diseases. Having unlocked the
        knowledge, skills, and tools to accomplish   secrets of living things, molecular biolo-
        useful objectives. God created man in His   gists are quickening the pace of progress
        own image: ingenuity and innovation flow   by applying this knowledge to devise en-
        from likeness to God (Gen 1:26-27).  tirely new methods of treatment, methods
          The fall brought disease and death, and   far more powerful and satisfying than the
        lives spent fearing both (Rom 5:12; Heb   current drugs-and-surgery approach.
        2:15). But the righteous God who cursed   Genetic engineers manipulate micro-
        the earth is also gracious; He has no plea-  scopic units of heritable information called
        sure in the death of the wicked, and often   genes. The Son of God encoded into each
        softens the blow of the curse by restoring   gene the manufacturing instructions for
        health and delaying death (Eze 33:11; Psa   one of the body’s molecular components
        103:3). When He chooses to heal, He may   (John 1:3; Col 1:16). He created genes out of
        use means such as prayer and medical   DNA, the famous double-helical polymer
        treatment. Accordingly,  His  Word  en-  which He devised to store biological data.
        courages man to direct his genius toward   He strung genes end to end and tightly
        restoring health and prolonging life. The   coiled them into structures called chro-
        Lord once instructed Isaiah to apply a   mosomes. The human genome is the com-
        poultice to Hezekiah’s infected skin (Isa   plete library of tens of thousands of genes
        38:21). Similarly, Christ’s disciples anointed   packed into 46 separate chromosomes. The
        with oil many that were sick and healed   nucleus of every cell contains this entire
        them (Mark 6:13). God’s Word records the   genome. Although the average human cell
        use of simple substances such as oil and   is only 25 micrometers wide, the DNA from
        wine to promote healing (Luke 10:34; 1Tim   its 46 chromosomes stretched out in a line
        5:23; James 5:14). Christ portrayed Himself   exceeds two meters in length.
        as a Healer when He quoted the proverb,   Scientists have sequenced the human
        “Physician, heal yourself,” and when He   genome’s entire three billion “base pairs”
        affirmed that “those who are well have   and cracked the genetic code. Research-
        no need of a physician, but those who are   ers not only can read this code, but also
        sick” (Luke 4:23; 5:31, ESV). Further, Luke   write it. They can manufacture synthetic

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