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Page 10 - August 2018 - Truth & Tidings
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s this really a problem? Does it even   relationship with elders discuss our atti-
            matter? Let me relate my story grow-  tude. There are five words which sum up
        Iing up in a home where Dad was the   how God wants me to view my elders: es-
        ultimate authority (what a Biblical con-  teem, remember, obey, love, and, of course,
        cept!), and I was chafing under his author-  honor, which we have just considered.
        ity because I thought I was the captain of   Like a lot of things in life, attitude is a
        my own ship and didn’t need anyone to   two-way street. It is always much easier
        guide me. I thought I knew the goal and   to show esteem, remembrance, obedience,
        I knew how to get there. Does this sound   love, and honor to someone who has first
        like a typical teenage mind?         reached out to us in a similar way. Those
          I didn’t come to grips with my problem   expecting esteem must first esteem those
        until I was 26 years old. I was married, we   from whom it is expected. The same goes
        had a child on the way, I had just started a   for the other four responsibilities.
        business relationship with my father, and   First Thessalonians 5:12-13 reminds us
        I seriously needed an attitude adjustment.   to know those who are over us in the Lord
        This is exactly what Scripture mandates   and “to esteem them very highly in love for
        in Ephesians 6:2: “Honor your father and   their work’s sake” (KJV). Esteem is a word
        mother.” Attitude is everything in the re-  which has different shades of meaning,
        lationship between children and parents,   but for our purposes, it carries the idea
        and attitude is everything in my relation-  of placing value upon something. So, in
        ship with elders as well.  Romans 13:7 tells   my struggle to seek a better relationship
        us to render honor to whom honor is due,   with my father, is it any surprise I did not
        and this includes elders.            come to esteem him until I set a value upon
          Most of the Scriptures dealing with our   him as my father and not as my authority

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