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n the previous article in this series,   are weak and vulnerable. If we attempt to
            we looked at the great conflict rag-  operate in our own strength, we will fail,
        Iing between light and darkness. We   but if we acknowledge our weakness and
        saw that, in order to be victorious in this   depend on God’s strength, we will succeed.
        spiritual warfare, it is essential for us to   Throughout Scripture, God used people
        identify the enemy and to rely on power   who were aware of their weaknesses and
        from above. If we, as believers, are going to   chose to depend on Him. Moses, David,
        live in the power of God, we must be aware   and Mary, the mother of Jesus, are some
        of our own vulnerability and learn how   examples. Each expressed in humble terms
        to appropriate the mighty power of God   their weakness and inadequacy, but were
        available to us. In the book of Ephesians,   used powerfully by God because they
        Paul points out the greatness of God’s   depended upon Him.
        power and earnestly longs for Christians to   It is not easy to face our own weakness.
        live in the good of it. He says that he wants   We live in a society which values individu-
        the believers to know, “what is the immea-  als who are strong and independent. In
        surable greatness of his power toward us   athletics, it’s the strong, capable players
        who believe, according to the working of   who are highly prized. In the business
        his great might” (Eph 1:19, ESV). It is “ac-  world, the successful are those who have
        cording to the riches” of God’s glory that   powered their way up the corporate lad-
        he may “grant you to be strengthened with   der. We don’t want to be thought of as weak
        power through his Spirit in your inner be-  or dependent, but the reality is, that in this
        ing” (Eph 3:16, ESV). Because of this, Paul   spiritual warfare, that’s exactly what we
        challenges God’s people, “Be strong in the   are; there is no possible way of winning
        Lord and in the strength of his might” (Eph   in our own strength. Victory will only be
        6:10, ESV). Our strength for this spiritual   accomplished by admitting our weakness
                                             and leaning on God’s great strength. The
        battle is not in ourselves, but in our God.  apostle Paul could say, “when I am weak,
        Our Vulnerability                    then I am strong” because he was doing
          It is vital to our spiritual survival to   “all things through Christ which strength-
        understand and accept the truth that we   eneth me” (2Cor 12:10, Phil 4:13, KJV).

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