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by sinners needing Christ. Chairs do not   for mankind and we are charged with the
        need to be saved in the Biblical sense of   high privilege and duty of delivering it.
        the word; nor does crown molding. Your   It is only His Word that can penetrate the
        audience does. Look at it and not that. If I   blindness of the human mind and offset
        fail to “connect” with my audience I will   the mystifying lies of a Satanically-inspired
        likely fail to communicate God’s message.  age. Quote it copiously. Wield it mightily.
        Your Voice                           In his natural condition, man does not
                                             know God and has not obeyed the Gospel
          Twenty-first century audiences are not   of our Lord Jesus. We must present, among
        accustomed to being yelled at. And how bi-  other truths, Who God is, what He is like,
        zarre to think of angrily proclaiming what   our accountability to Him, and His provi-
        the Bible says is “Good News.” Without   sion to meet our spiritual need.
        affectation or alteration, use the voice God
        has given you in a wise way. Drive truth   Preach Christ
        home so that it sticks in people’s minds.   “We preach Christ crucified” is a noble
        State the truth; prove it by citing God’s   statement and glorious objective. A Gos-
        Word; illustrate it by Biblical allusions or   pel message without Christ is like a well
        references to events happening around   without water. If someone who knew
        you. The use of illustrations allows you to   nothing about the Gospel walked into a
        better modulate your voice and to give the   Gospel meeting where you were preach-
        audience a mental “rest” from its attempts   ing, would she or he hear enough to know
        to absorb the material you are presenting.   how to be saved? Make this an immutable
        In fact, you are still presenting “truth”   rule in your preaching: ALWAYS present
        but the audience is hardly aware that that   Christ to your audience. After hearing you
        is what is happening as it listens to your   preach, don’t allow anyone to go away say-
        illustration. Most people cannot sustain   ing, “They have taken away my Lord and
        more than 15-20 minutes of concentrated   I know not where they have laid Him.”
        thinking. That affords you a very small   Preach repentance toward God and
        window of opportunity to inculcate truth.   faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ
        Your sensible use of anecdotes and illus-
        trations will help to extend that listening   How could we improve on the preach-
        period. The Lord Jesus made use of current   ing of the Premier Evangelist Himself? He
        events (Luke 13:1-5); Stephen borrowed   preached, “Repent ye and believe the Gos-
        his illustrations from history (Acts 7); Paul   pel” (Mark 1:15). Similarly, Paul preached
        made use of conditions around him (Acts   “repentance toward God, and faith toward
        17). Go and do thou likewise.        our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 20:21). Read-
                                             ers who were privileged to hear the late Mr.
        B) The Lord’s Message                Lorne McBain preach the Gospel will easily
          As to preaching, if there is anything   remember his story of the bank vault that
        more important than knowing how to   required two combinations to be opened.
        preach, it is knowing what to preach.  He applied that to these two elements in
                                             conversion – the sinner’s repentance and
        Preach the Word                      his faith. If we fail to preach the first and
          The Gospel platform is not a place for   merely emphasize the second, we will send
        our ideas and theories. God has a message   sinners into a death spiral of futility as they
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