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rominently displayed in every   preacher is obliterated in his message – he
              Chick-fil-A I have visited (and they   is lost sight of due to the overwhelming
        Pare numerous) are the words of      urgency and importance of his message.
        the chain’s founder, Samuel Truett Cathy:   Your Feet
        “Food is essential to life; therefore, make
        it good.”                              The feet of such a messenger are de-
          Preaching is essential to assembly life;   scribed as “beautiful” because of his
        therefore it ought to be good, or at least as   readiness to proclaim the gospel. “How
                                             beautiful are the feet of them that preach
        good as we can make it. One-man ministry   the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings
        is unscriptural; so is “every-man” ministry,   of good things!” Since this statement origi-
        each male trying to function identically.   nally referred to the Lord Jesus, there is
        Paul’s simile of a body, (1Cor 12), display-  something very Christ-like about the work
        ing unity in the midst of diversity, is a help-  of the evangelist. He mirrors the heart of
        ful guide in this matter. Not every brother   the One Who “must needs go through
        is gifted in Gospel preaching. His gift may   Samaria” for one fallen soul; the One Who
        be in ministering to the Lord’s people or in   stopped processions at the cry of blind
        some other capacity. But forcing someone   beggars, compassionately touched dying
        into a sphere for which he is not equipped   lepers, and in the midst of excruciating
        is as sensible as trying to write with our   pain responded to the plea of a crucified
        ears or hear with our feet. The norm for   malefactor. Do those to whom we preach
        Gospel preaching is that those who have   sense the eagerness, the readiness, the
        that gift should feel their responsibility and   longing we have to see them saved?
        bear that yoke. This does place a huge bur-
        den on elders to be aware of those whom   Your Eyes
        God is raising up – young men with an   How important it is to make eye contact
        incipient gift who need to be encouraged   with our audience! Jesus saw the shep-
        to develop it. For those young men, some   herdless multitudes; He saw the faith
        simple guidelines might be helpful.  of the paralytic and his four friends, He
                                             saw the infirm woman of Luke 13 and the
        A) The Lord’s Messenger              impotent man of John 5. His look melted
          What a humbling and weighty thing this   Peter and His eyes must have expressed
        is – to be a messenger for the mighty Lord!   deep sadness when He gazed on the rich,
        Realizing this, the preacher’s aim should be   young ruler. We, too, need to read our
        to direct all attention to the Lord and not   audiences, hoping to engage their minds
        to the vessel. How fitting it was for John   in the message and detect those to whom
        the Baptizer to direct his followers to the   God is speaking. At a crowded conference,
        Lord Jesus: “Behold the Lamb of God!” His   we may ask someone to “save” a chair
        attitude was, “He must increase, but I must   for us, but please do not preach to empty
        decrease.” As has often been said, the true   chairs when others nearby are occupied

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