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In 1931, the decision was made to meet in   sought to engage in a variety of outreach
        a building instead of a private home. Wil-  works locally. The ESL Class has been a
        liam Brown generously provided the land,   fruitful work, and meets weekly on Mon-
        lumber, and the financial means to con-  days. There are a good number of students
        struct a hall. The plans were drawn up, and   who attend and are open to the gospel. It
        a permit obtained. The project was made   was a real joy for the assembly to have seen
        known to the neighboring assemblies and   Langley Kim and Carrie Lee, former stu-
        a work “bee” was planned. David Warner   dents of the ESL class, both saved during
        Nixon (who was a building contractor by   a recent gospel series in Langley Gospel
        profession) from Cedar Cottage Gospel   Hall. They are in happy fellowship with
        Hall arranged for most of the studs, floor   the assembly today.
        joists, rafters, and other structural mem-  Each year, the assembly registers a booth
        bers for the hall to be pre-cut and ready to   at a local Canada Day/International Day
        be assembled by the “work crew” in order   festival. This has been a great opportunity
        to expedite the construction project. He   to distribute gospel literature and have
        also arranged for some skilled tradesmen   spiritual conversations. On an annual
        to be part of the crew to guide the “willing”   basis, the assembly hosts a Christmas Pro-
        and “able” non-professionals.        gram and a Traditional Carol Sing. We are
          The hall was notably built in a day. Mr.   delighted to see many unsaved visitors
        Matthews who was there, was asked in   and a clear gospel message is preached. A
        1986 to write out his recollections. In his   DVBS outreach is held in July with a great
        words, “Good Friday, just after a year of   turnout from the community. This year’s
        our coming to Langley, at 7:00am a start   outreach is scheduled for July 9-13.
        was made. By 7:00pm the building was   In 2013 and 2015, gospel meetings were
        complete: roof and chimney built, win-  held with Gaius Goff and Peter Ramsay. It
        dows and doors all finished, and only a   was a special time of earnest prayer and
        little inside plastering to be added. It was   supplication which brought the assembly
        completed in one day with 30 men, several   together, “striving together for the faith of
        capable builders among them.”        the gospel” (Phil 1:27, KJV). A number of
          As the assembly grew, a porch was later   precious souls were saved.
        constructed, the hall was raised and a full   We humbly acknowledge the Lord’s
        basement added. By 1970, the location had   goodness in preserving the assembly over
        become an important business intersection   these many years. The assembly today has
        and the property sold at a good price. A   68 in fellowship from varied demograph-
        move was made to the present location   ics. In a spirit of dependence, we look to
        at 4775–221st Street in Murrayville. In the   the Lord to give good discernment to meet
        1990s, the hall was enlarged to accom-  the needs of the day and to serve our own
        modate the needs of a growing assembly.   generation well. In challenging days, we
          In 2002, a 90th anniversary event was   need to be like the sons of Issachar, “that
        held, and a special series of gospel meet-  had an understanding of the times, to
        ings were held in a tent on the neighboring   know what … to do” (1 Chron 12:32, KJV).
        property. For many years, a Monday night   The Lord give us more of a burden for the
        work was carried on, reaching many young   lost and desire to get the gospel out into
        people with the gospel. The assembly has   our respective communities.

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