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he assembly meeting in the Langley   Their daughter Alice was a well-known
             Gospel  Hall  gratefully  acknowl-  teacher and administrator. The Alice
        Tedges God’s faithfulness in 106 years   Brown Elementary School in the Brook-
        of assembly testimony. It is our privilege to   swood area of Langley is named after her.
        represent Christ in the Langley, BC (Can-  The assembly grew in number (20-30)
        ada) community. Psalm 44:1 says, “Our   leading up to the Depression years. When
        fathers have told us, what work thou didst   the Depression hit, many had to seek em-
        in their days.” Christian “fathers” privi-  ployment elsewhere. The numbers were
        leged to have firsthand witnessed when   reduced to Mr. Brown and about eight
        God blessed and what God blessed should   sisters. During that time, some helpful
        convey this to successive generations.   brethren would come from Vancouver to
        Beyond being a human-interest piece, the   keep up the testimony each week.
        history of the assembly affirms that God   The assembly began to increase in size.
        has sovereignly chosen and blesses the   Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie came from Edmonton
        “foolishness of preaching” (1Cor 1:21, KJV)   and were added. Alex McGaughey held six
        as a primary method of communicating the   weeks of gospel meetings and quite a few
        gospel. A “goodly heritage” (Psa 16:6, KJV)   professed to be saved. From these, three
        is ours, and we are thankful for the positive   were baptized and added to the assembly.
        example of past generations.         Others coming to the area were added.
          The history of the assembly begins   Alex McGaughey and Alex Wilson of
        with the spiritual exercise of William and   North Vancouver were particularly helpful
        Kathleen (Katie) Brown, a Langley pio-  and often visited.
        neer farming family. William was born at   In 1930, S. E. Matthews moved with
        Stratford on Avon, England in 1876 and   his family from England and the Buxton
        Katie (nee Reid) in Ontario, Canada in   Derbyshire assembly to immigrate to
        1877. William and Katie’s families both   Canada. Mr. Matthew’s brother had a
        emigrated to the Walhalla area of North   house available for them in Langley. Upon
        Dakota where William and Katie met and   arriving, while speaking to a neighbor,
        were married in 1903. They later moved   they inquired if there was a local company
        to Asquith, Saskatchewan, then in 1910   of Christians who gathered alone to the
        to Langley Prairie, BC. They bought a 30-  Name of the Lord Jesus. Within their first
        acre farm on the southwest corner of 200th   hour of arriving in Langley, they were told
        Street and Fraser Highway and soon began   in glowing terms of Mr. Brown and the
        a Sunday school in their home.       assembly that met in their home. On the
          In 1912, evangelists, J. J. Rouse and C.   first Lord’s Day, Mr. Matthews walked two
        Summers pitched a tent for gospel meet-  miles to meet with the believers and supply
        ings. God blessed in salvation and as a   his letter of commendation. Mr. Brown,
        result, a company of Christians began to   having read the letter, gave Mr. Matthews a
        gather in the Brown’s home. William and   warm embrace saying he had been praying
        Katie were the “Priscilla and Aquila” (1Cor   a long time for help. S. E. Matthews would
        16:19) of Langley. They graciously hosted   go on to become a fixture in the assembly
        the assembly meetings in their home from   for many years, and a well-respected elder.
        1912-1931. The Browns had a godly testi-  At 90 years of age, our late brother was still
        mony and practiced what they preached.   leading a home Bible study group.

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