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Recognition of something being wrong is   serious, a good self-exam will include
        a giant step towards diagnosis and correc-  questions such as:
        tion. Like physical health, the onset of most   What have I been feeding on lately?
        spiritual illnesses is gradual. In matters of   No food? e.g. dusty Bible
        physical health, it is unwise to do internet   Junk food? e.g. questionable movies,
        self-diagnosis, but in spiritual things it is   You-tube videos, etc.
        the best place to start, not on the internet,   Where have I been that I was exposed to
        but with an open Bible!              a virus or some poison?
          We cannot expect to be without valleys   Bad doctrine about Christ or the as-
        of adversity, drumbeat of monotony, or   sembly
        even the bed of weariness, but there comes
        a time when we know something is wrong.   Evolution and other postmodern influ-
        We must submit to the searchlight of God,   ences
        the knife of the Divine Surgeon, and ulti-  Whom have I been around recently from
        mately the Balm of Gilead.           whom I picked up some contagion?
          David had come to this point in Psalm   Charismatic friends who seem to have
        139. He knew it was serious. You can never   daily miracles
        err in going directly to the Great Physician.   Materialist friends who have a lot more
        He first acknowledged the qualifications   stuff than me
        of the Lord to know and to deal with his   What have I done (or not done) that
        situation. He admitted (v6) he didn’t have   could have caused lethargy?
        either the knowledge or the skills. You   Secret or unconfessed sin
        should not trust just any doctor on the   Hard thoughts toward other believers
        internet, or others who claim to have the   Similar to David’s spiritual experience,
        answers. In my case I consulted with those   I submitted to the searchlight of an MRI
        who I knew would have my best interest   which revealed that a tumor had been
        in view. Have you asked the elders of   growing in me, likely for years, and needed
        your local assembly for some insights or   to be removed. One year ago, I laid down
        help with your spiritual stagnancy? You   on the operating table and trusted the
        might be surprised to learn that they have   neurosurgeon to do what I could never
        experienced your exact symptoms … and   do on my own (and this time it was brain
        also the cure.                       surgery!)
          In Psalm 139, David realizes his cold  Could my spiritual condition be even
        and stagnant condition is caused by both  more serious?
        actions and thoughts (v2). He understands   David comes to God again in Psalm
        that the Lord knows his past, his future,   51 with a more desperate cry because he
        and is actively concerned in his present   knows the reason for his coldness and
        circumstances (v5). Later in the psalm,   stagnancy is his own willful and blatant
        he recognizes that the root problem is his   sin. If you have not read this psalm lately,
        enemies: Satan, the world, and the wicked-  do it. See if it doesn’t find an echo in your
        ness of his own flesh. Most of the rest of   own soul and lead you to consider the cross
        the psalm is taken up with how to think   where every sin was paid and, thank God,
        rightly, that is, to think God’s thoughts.   your heart can be cleansed and the joy of
          If you acknowledge your condition is   your salvation can be restored.

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