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“        y spiritual life seems cold and   to be a blessing. Are you engaged in the
                stagnant. Please help! It seems   proper activity for your age and stage of
        Mlike weeks or months since I’ve     life? If you are saved, have you been bap-
        gotten a fresh thought from my daily read-  tized? If baptized, have you taken your
        ing or been able to stay awake for more   place in the local assembly? For example,
        than three minutes when praying. Is my   young brothers, are you taking part in
        condition serious?”                  worship and prayer? Young sisters, are you
          Coldness is usually caused by your   taking the opportunity to invite children to
        environment. If you live in the Yukon,   Sunday school and visiting the widows in
        unless you bundle up against it when you   your assembly? Have you spoken a word
        are out in the elements (proper separation)   to your classmates or fellow employees
        and take every opportunity to be warmed   about your Savior or told them how you
        (fellowship with other believers) coldness   were saved?
        and resulting sluggishness will become   Some of us timid folks might slip them
        the accepted norm. You can function for a   a Seed Sower text or an appropriate tract.
        while with cold hands and feet, but once   Busyness without a burden is not the an-
        your heart drops below 95°F, hypothermia   swer to stagnancy. However, James gave
        sets in and will become fatal if not treated.   the principle, “To him that knows to do
        The best way to fight spiritual hypothermia   good and does not do, to him it is sin”
        is the way the two on the Emmaus road   (James 4:17, NKJV). Complete spiritual
        did in Luke 24. Close communion with the   inaction will only produce dryness of spirit
        Lord over the Scriptures will provide for   and a moribund outlook.
        a “good fever” that the world will not be  How serious is my condition?
        able to take away.                     About two years ago I began to realize
          Stagnancy is usually caused by a low   something wasn’t right in my life. It af-
        ebb or inaction. We have a creek running   fected my thoughts, my habits, and espe-
        through our property, and during late   cially my speech. At first I brushed it off,
        summer, it often ceases to flow resulting   attributing it to circumstances and stress,
        in murky, foul-smelling water. Any aquatic   but as things progressed, I began to realize
        life there soon dies. Fountains, rivers, and   it was something serious that needed to be
        creeks need an outlet as well as an inlet   faced and fixed if at all possible.

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