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’ll never forget the sight of an exas-  late  for  appointments  disrespect  their
            perated British Airways stewardess,   doctor. Lateness for assembly meetings
        Ishouting across JFK airport at a Rabbi   shows disrespect for others and, more
        who, though a few minutes late for his   importantly, for the presence of the Lord
        flight to London, England, wasn’t making   among His people. To regularly wander
        haste. The “final call” had long passed and   in late gives the distinct impression that
        he was the last passenger on her clipboard   you have a low view of worshiping God.
        list. As  he  exited  the  men’s  room  and   Arriving in good time reveals your char-
        started sauntering towards the gate, the   acter and builds credibility. It shows you
        stewardess went into meltdown. “HURRY   to be a dependable, reliable and organized
        UP! You’re keeping over 300 people wait-  individual or family. If you are careless
        ing.” I wish I had videoed it – it would   about time, what else might you be careless
        have gone viral.                     about? Have you ever noticed that starting
          Punctuality is a virtue. If the meeting be-  punctually and finishing punctually go
        gins at 11:00am, it is your duty to be there   together? If a man is forever running late
        on time, preferably well before the time.   getting to the meeting, it is almost guaran-
        Punctuality is one of the responsibilities   teed that he will be long-winded and go
        that goes hand in hand with the privilege   overtime if he takes the meeting.
        of being in assembly fellowship. Ask your-  Arriving in good time reveals your pri-
        self: If everyone came at the same time as I,   orities. Are you repeatedly late for work,
        what time would the meeting start?   for  school  or  for  sales  appointments?
          Arriving in good time shows respect. A   Why then be late for the Lord and for the
        student who is late for a lecture disrespects   meetings of the Lord’s people? We may
        his professor. A child who is late for school   all be late occasionally due to unforeseen
        disrespects her teacher. Patients who are   circumstances or work commitments, but

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