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he conflict between light and darkness   Throughout the Bible, we are present-
              has been waging ever since Satan tried   ed with many names which describe
        Tto  usurp  the  throne  of  God  before   the nature and activity of our enemy.
        time began. As children of the light, we are   The first mention of him is in Genesis
        warriors on the front lines of this spiritual   3, where he is described as the serpent,
        battle. Since we live in the physical realm, it   who was more crafty than any other
        is easy to forget the nature of the battle we   beast of the field. In Revelation, he is
        face every day. The enemy is very strong; his   described as “the great dragon…that
        host of demons are active and persistent, but   ancient serpent, who is called the devil
        Scripture reminds us that the One Who is in   and Satan, the deceiver of the whole
        us “is greater than he [Satan] who is in the   world”  (Rev  12:9,  ESV). The word
        world” (1John 4:4, ESV).                 “devil” comes from the Greek verb that
                                                 means “to slander” or “accuse.” In the
        A Spiritual Conflict                     very next verse he is called “the accuser
          Most of us have not been engaged in real   of our brothers,” the one who “accuses
        physical combat, whereby we leave the com-  them day and night before our God”
        forts of home and country to engage in armed   (Rev 12:10, ESV). This slanderer, who
        conflict with an enemy. But God reminds us in   accuses  us  before  our  God,  is  also
        His Word that we are engaged in a spiritual   called Satan, which means adversary
        conflict which requires the utmost diligence.   or enemy, and he truly is an enemy of
        To the believers in Corinth, Paul said, “For   God and of God’s people.
        though we walk in the flesh, we are not wag-  Deception is the underpinning of
        ing war according to the flesh” (2Cor 10:3,   everything Satan does. In speaking to
        ESV). And he told the Ephesian believers, “For   the Jewish leaders, our Lord gives the
        we do not wrestle against flesh and blood …  most comprehensive description of
        but against the spiritual forces of evil” (Eph   Satan: “You are of your father the devil,
        6:12, ESV). These verses remind us that, while   and your will is to do your father’s
        we interact daily on a physical level with   desires. He was a murderer from the
        family, friends, neighbors, work associates,   beginning, and does not stand in the
        and strangers, we are also engaged in an   truth, because there is no truth in him.
        unseen battle that rages. We need to give due   When he lies, he speaks out of his own
        diligence not to allow ourselves to think that   character, for he is a liar, and the father
        our enemy is anyone but the devil. He would   of lies” (John 8:44, ESV).
        seek to pit us against one another and have   Lying  and  deception  are  not  just
        us believe that we are each other’s enemy.   what Satan does, they flow from who
        This can easily happen in the home or in the   he is, the deceiver and the father of
        local church. He would also like to enlist us   lies. From these words of our Savior,
        to do his work, accusing and slandering other   we know that the devil is pure evil,
        believers. May we wisely resist him and live   through and through, and his purpose
        as children of light.                    is to corrupt the truth.
                                                  In Genesis 3, we witness Satan’s first
        Identifying the Enemy                    attack on the human race, as he slyly
          It  is  vital  to  know  who  our  enemy  is.   seeks to undermine the character and
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