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and uses his request for water as a means   joy and the instruction of his new Lord. His
        to share the good news of the gift of God.   family and neighbors who knew this man
        He used a universal need and a common   would see a dramatic difference in him,
        daily event to share eternal truths. Travel,   and his new life would give tremendous
        shopping, and casual meetings with family   weight to his words, as they saw evidence
        and friends may provide similar modern   of the great things God had done. When
        day “moments at the well.” Carrying a few   it comes to family, instead of preaching a
        fitting verse cards or tracts is one way to   message, a short account of the great things
        prepare and provide support to share the   God has done for us might be more readily
        good news of the Savior of the world. How-  received.
        ever, for several reasons, your company’s   The disciples were frequently brought
        water cooler may not be the appropriate   in contact with those in public areas and
        time or place for sharing the gospel.   on the street. Peter and John responded
        Share with Care                      quickly to the man asking for alms at Je-
                                             rusalem’s gate. They didn’t have money to
          Every believer’s life should be that un-  share at that time, but they did share what
        covered candle casting the gospel light   they had. Continuing right through the
        around this dark world. The light of truth   Acts, we find examples of the disciples in
        may be shared silently through car mag-  various settings, sharing what they knew
        nets, verse tip cards, tracts, tweets, and   with  beggars  and  heads  of  state  alike.
        posts. Opportunities will come, sometimes   Some  were  one-on-one  encounters,  as
        in the form of a question from another,   when Philip spoke to the African treasurer.
        which will require that the light of truth   Others addressed groups of people. Some
        be seen. It’s the light of the glorious gospel   audiences (such as Cornelius and his fam-
        of Christ which shines into the darkened   ily) were welcoming, while others (such as
        mind. While the truth is unchanging, our   those Stephen and Paul addressed) were
        opportunities to share it vary. The audi-  agitated and angry.
        ence, time, and place all present respective   The scenarios varied, but  consistent
        challenges  which  require  courage.  We   throughout was a readiness to share the
        will speak to our close family members in   truth and to point to Christ. Paul’s words to
        different ways than to a passing stranger   one king in Acts 26 are “Having therefore
        (which,  at  times,  is  easier  because  the   obtained help of God, I continue unto this
        passing stranger doesn’t know us so well).   day, witnessing both to small and great,
        However, we may be the only people with   saying none other things than those which
        the opportunity to share the gospel with   the prophets and Moses did say should
        our relatives.                       come: That Christ should suffer, and that
          The man of Gadara in Mark 5 wanted to   he should be the first that should rise from
        follow the Lord Jesus after he was healed.   the dead, and should shew light unto the
        The Lord instead told him to go home and   people, and to the Gentiles.” The day of
        share what great things the Lord had done   apostles is long past, but we, too, can share
        for him. His instructions were specific: “Go   what we know and share what we have
        home to thy friends.” His experience was   with those in spiritual need around us. As
        definite, dramatic, and personal, so he had   the Savior said, “Let your light so shine
        a story to tell. He was motivated by fresh   before men.”

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