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rom our earliest days, sharing can be   for boldness: “Praying always with all
             difficult. When we get a good thing,   prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and
        Fwe don’t want to share it, but rather   watching thereunto with all perseverance
        keep it for ourselves. Sharing the good   and supplication for all saints; And for
        news of the gospel can also be difficult,   me, that utterance may be given unto me,
        but not because we would be diminishing   that I may open my mouth boldly, to make
        what we have. Why is it difficult at times to   known the mystery of the gospel” (Eph
        share the gospel? Often it is because we are   6:18-19, KJV). Praying for opportunities
        afraid of what the consequences might be.   and courage, and for individuals on our
        We will be laughed at or mocked. We will   hearts or in our sights is a Scriptural first
        lose friends. It will upset the family. We   step towards sharing the good news.
        won’t know what to say – on and on goes
        the list of possible outcomes. The greater   Prepare to Share
        the consequences seem, the more courage   In  Peter’s  first  epistle  (3:15)  he  says,
        is needed for an individual to share the   “But sanctify the Lord God in our hearts;
        gospel. Much depends on the audience.   and be ready always to give an answer
        Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and   to every man that asketh you a reason
        pedestrians all bring respective hindrances   of the hope that is in you with meekness
        to be overcome. There is no one approach   and fear.” Having in your mind a verse,
        which will bring confidence for every   your personal conversion story, or a link
        scenario, but the Scriptures do contain   to the gospel provides courage to speak.
        many examples of personal evangelism   God can and will call upon us to testify
        and give teaching and principles to inspire   without preparation and He will provide
        and guide us.                        the needed grace. Other times, as we seek
                                             opportunities, we may consider subjects
        Start with Prayer                    which will help initiate the conversation
          The fact that many do require courage to   and steer it toward the gospel. This is
        share the gospel is not uncommon. Even   clearly seen in John 4, as our Lord Jesus
        Paul asked the believers in Ephesus to pray   deliberately goes to the well in Sychar

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