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was difficult, but because of the difficulty   he could handle difficult topics in a way
        of the questions he asked. Many said that   which made them understandable to the
        they couldn’t believe he wasn’t saved based   ordinary listener.
        on his questions and comprehension.    A highlight was when Gordon returned
          He was puzzled with the unbelief of the   for our conference. We appreciated him on
        Jews, despite all of the evidence presented   many levels, but the Bible reading meeting
        by the Lord Jesus. It hit him that he was no   was an absolute pleasure. He was able
        different, so he trusted the evidence and         to handle questions such
        put his faith in Christ as     As a logical       as, “Is it better to be in the
        his Savior. Gordon imme-                          right place with the wrong
        diately showed the reality   intellectual who had   attitude or wrong place
        of salvation, not only with a   been trained to see    with the right attitude?” as
        thirst for the Word, but with   beyond that which is   well as “what happened to
        a love for the lost, which                        the dinosaurs?” His godly
        developed into a love for  visible, he was ready   character shone even more
        the assembly and the saints.   to seriously think   than his words. Many of
          He worked as a geophysi-                        us remember his humility
        cist at a major oil company   about what the      even though he was the
        in  Calgary,  but due  to a    Bible said         most intelligent one in the
        concern for unsaved family                        room. His warm approach
        in Newfoundland, he left Calgary to take a   and kindly demeanor will long be remem-
        teaching job near them. He became active   bered. He was a man who touched our
        in gospel outreach work and also assembly   lives for God. Being so well read enabled
        activities. On his first trip back to Calgary,   him to engage with the unsaved in conver-
        he visited his former employer, who   sations as diverse as biographies of world
        promptly showed him a corner office with   leaders or microbiology and then to seam-
        an offer of a promotion. He talked about   lessly steer the topic to spiritual things.
        the temptation but felt the Lord wanted   He visited us in September and as he
        him in Newfoundland. A couple of years   came through the door for the Breaking of
        later, he was commended wholeheartedly   Bread, he stated this would be his last time.
        to the work of the Lord in full-time service   We now know a little of what the saints
        by the West Hillhurst Assembly.      felt like in Acts 20:38. He exhorted us to be
          His field of service expanded over the   steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding
        years into a ministry which covered many   in the work of the Lord. Please remember
        areas. His gift was equally appreciated   his wife Doreen and family, especially
        in both gospel and ministry. In ministry,   some who are not saved.

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