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years after that moved back to Newfound-  and the value of the Word of God. He was
        land with his family to help in the work of   patient in answering questions, thorough
        the Lord. He taught high school for four   in preparation, understandable in exposi-
        years to pay expenses while he assisted in   tion, and careful in application of the Word
        the work with new assemblies. In 1980,   of God. Intelligent, unassuming, gracious
        the Calgary assembly commended Gor-  and even gentle, Gordon appealed to many
        don and Doreen to the work of the Lord.   who would turn away from confrontation,
        He was trained to work with his hands   but were attracted by a man who could use
        in the Navy, to work with his intellect in   a bit of humor with grace that balanced the
        university, and then he was able to com-  sharp sword of truth.
        municate what he knew as a teacher. All   In 2016, he was told he had cancer. From
        these abilities as well as his spiritual gifts   then on, he was limited, as his strength was
        were combined effectively in his gospel   failing. As long as he could, he continued
        work and in his work among God’s people.  to minister to the Lord’s people. The theme
          Gordon’s gift was appreciated in New-  of his teaching was the value of the Bible
        foundland  and  Labrador  until  1997,   through which we come to know and ap-
        when he and Doreen moved to Grande   preciate our Lord Jesus Christ and also
        Prairie, Alberta. There they were involved   realize who we are as God’s people and
        in outreach in the gospel and in the new   why our lives here are important. In a
        assembly. His teaching ministry took him   conversation with his son-in-law shortly
        to assemblies in many parts of Canada,   before he went to be with the Lord, he
        the USA, and other countries. He connect-  summed up what was important to him
        ed with people of all ages, helping them   in two phrases: “Living for the Lord” and
        to understand what was written without   “Without the Bible, we have nothing.” It
        complicating God’s word. He clearly   would be well for us all to consider that
        taught both the Old and New Testaments   kind of wisdom.

        Tribute to Gordon Williams

               Derek Hanna for the Assembly

              s the commending assembly for our   “Where was the reverend?” He waited for
              Brother Gordon Williams, we have   the hard sell, but met only friendliness (his
        Athe honor of writing a tribute to the   words). He started to attend regularly and,
        man and his work for God.            more importantly, to read the Bible so as
          Gordon was contacted as part of an   to disprove the message and authority of
        outreach of  Sunday school work. Two   Scripture. He stated later, with humor, “if
        sisters from the assembly found an open   a person starts reading the Bible, it serves
        door from Doreen, but scepticism from   them right if they get saved.” His question
        Gordon. He said he wasn’t interested in   to himself was “How do I know the Bible is
        being saved or joining any church, but   right? I owe it to myself to find out” (Heb
        through persistence from his wife, he came   11:1). When the brethren would meet with
        to a cottage meeting. His first question was,   him, two would go together, not because he
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