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aving spent some months consid-  to Jerusalem with great joy” (Luke 24:52,
               ering the burial and resurrection   KJV). Why? In part, at least, because they
        Hof our Lord Jesus Christ, we now    had the glad assurance which came from
        move on to the next great event: His ascen-  the message of the angels, still ringing in
        sion into heaven, and what results from   their ears: “This same Jesus, which is taken
        it. It is interesting to observe the terms the   up from you into heaven, shall so come in
        writers use for His ascension.       like manner as ye have seen Him go” (Acts
                                             1:11, KJV). And, for us, too, this is a source
        “Went up”                            of unspeakable joy: the very fact that He
          In Acts 1:10 we read that the disciples   has gone means that He is coming again.
        “looked steadfastly toward heaven as He   He is coming to the air for us: “And if I go
        went up.” This draws our attention to the   and prepare a place for you, I will come
        obvious, but important fact, that He was   again, and receive you unto Myself; that
        no longer with them; He was going. For   where I am, there ye may be also” (John
        well over 30 years He had been physi-  14:3, KJV). And, afterwards, He is com-
        cally, bodily, on this earth. For the latter   ing to the earth with us – “the coming of
        part of this period they had constantly   our Lord Jesus Christ with all His saints”
        been with Him; but no more. From this   (1Thes 3:13, KJV). His own people, and this
        day forward, their lives would never be   world, have certainly not seen the last of
        the same. During the 40 days between   Him. Praise His name!
        His resurrection and ascension, He had
        spoken many things to prepare them for   “Taken up”
        this day. Yet we are not surprised to read   Four times in Acts 1 we read these
        they “looked steadfastly toward heaven as   words in connection with His ascension,
        He went up.” They did not want to miss   but on three of the four (vv2, 11, 22) it is
        their last glimpse of Him. Many of us have   the phrase elsewhere translated “received
        lingered an extra moment at a grave side,   up” (see later). The remaining one is found
        taken one last look at the coffin about to be   in verse 9, and this is its only occurrence
        covered with earth, turned our back, and   in connection with the ascension: “While
        walked away, with a heavy heart. It was   they beheld, He was taken up; and a cloud
        not so for that company, which “returned   received Him out of their sight.” In the

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