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that would never die. So He is the first to   Spirit is the agency of it) need not concern
        experience resurrection life – the first of   us unduly, for both are gloriously true.
        many, including ourselves.
                                             The Glorious Power
        The Glorious Picture                   Does God have the power to do this? He
          The fact that there is an order in resur-  most certainly does, and, once again, the
        rection is taught even more explicitly in   resurrection of Christ is adduced as the as-
        1 Corinthians 15, and is beautifully por-  surance of this. “And God hath both raised
        trayed in a picture from the Old Testament.   up the Lord, and will also raise up us by
        “But now is Christ risen from the dead, and   His own power” (1Cor 6:14, KJV). Anyone
        become the firstfruits of them that slept”   who doubts the power of God to raise the
        (1Cor 15:20, KJV). The sheaf of firstfruits,   dead should see that He did it for Christ,
        which was waved before the Lord (Lev   and He has no less ability to do it for us.
        23:9-14) had the priority in time, and was
        also the pledge of the entire harvest that  The Glorious Presentation
        was to follow. It is indeed a precious type   The resurrection of Christ also gives
        of the resurrection of Christ and of the   Paul confidence as to what will follow his
        fact that it will produce a harvest of many   resurrection. “Knowing that He which
        people. “But every man in his own order:   raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us
        Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that   also by Jesus, and shall present us with
        are Christ’s at His coming” (1Cor 15:23,   you” (2Cor 4:14, KJV). Whatever the rest
                                             of his life in this world holds for him, he
        The Glorious Proof                   knows the same God Who raised Christ

          Can we be sure this will take place? Yes,   will raise him, and he and the Corinthians
        we can, and, once more, that assurance is   will all stand together in the presence of
        directly linked to the resurrection of Christ.   God. Death divides the people of God for
        Paul gives us the grounds for our confi-  a little while, but the resurrection assures
        dence in Romans 8:11. “But if the Spirit of   us there will be a day of reunion when we
        Him that raised up Jesus from the dead   are presented together to Him.
        dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from   The Glorious Preservation
        the dead shall also quicken your mortal
        bodies by His Spirit that dwelleth in you.”   The resurrection is the assurance of what
        The “if” is not of doubt, but of argument,   we are saved for, but it is also the assurance
        that is, “since the Spirit … dwells in you.”   of what we are saved from. We “wait for
        Paul’s reasoning is clear: the fact that each   His Son from heaven, whom He raised
        believer is indwelt by the Holy Spirit of   from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered
        God – the God Who raised up Christ –   us from the wrath to come” (1Thes 1:10,
        gives us total assurance that the One Who   KJV). We will face neither the wrath of
        raised Christ will also quicken us. Whether   God for eternity, nor the Tribulation wrath
        the “by” here means He will quicken us   coming upon the world. God’s Son is our
        “because” the Spirit indwells us (the Spirit   Deliverer from it all, and He has been raised
        is the guarantee of it), or the Spirit is the   from the dead, so we will never experience
        One through Whom God will do it (the   the wrath of God, in any form.

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