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n May 20, 1951, a small group of   The city was alive with new workers who
               believers sat around a table with a   had come to help the Bowaters Pulp and
        Osimple loaf and a cup for the first   Paper Mill get set for paper-making op-
        time in a small portable hall on Country   erations. On many free evenings, the men
        Road, Corner Brook, Newfoundland. They   filled the tent. In the magazine, Our Record,
        were moving in obedience to the Word   it is mentioned that 300 were inside, and
        of God, as they were taught by the Holy   as many outside, listening to the gospel. It
        Spirit through faithful men sent from God.   was the hope of these brethren that men
        However, this little group didn’t just hap-  would be reached and saved, and then
        pen. Faithful servants of the Lord who had   carry the message to other parts of the
        recognized the call of God to this Island   Island. Records remain of these ventures
        in the Atlantic responded with holy zeal.  and the prayers of saints at the Pugwash
          The era of the assembly work in New-  Junction conferences for God to raise up
        foundland as we know it today began   men to carry the gospel to this needy area.
        through the exercise of Mr. Herbert W.   Other brethren responded to brother Har-
        Harris, who left a fruitful field with Albert   ris’ invitation to help in this work, among
        W. Joyce in Prince Edward Island in 1943.   whom were Douglas Howard, Frank
        It was the answer to many prayers from   Pearcey, Albert Ramsay, Donald Moffatt,
        earlier days when brethren W. N. Brennen   Stanley Simms, Ernie Dellandrea, Wallace
        and Isaac McMullen, from 1919 until 1928,   Cudmore, and Harris’ own brother, Rus-
        made trips during the summer from Nova   sell Harris.
        Scotia to the Island. They spent much of   It was in 1950 that Mr. Harris came to
        their summers and falls on the East Coast,   the Newfoundland west coast and began
        but in 1921, pitched a tent in Corner Brook.   meetings in Corner Brook in a portable

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