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n 2012, the British weekly, The Observer,   the Jews, and the Romans hated them
            released a video showing semi-naked   as well. It must be confessed, however,
        IJarawa tribal women in India’s Anda-  that racism in the western world exists
        man and Nicobar Islands being forced to   primarily on the basis of a person’s skin
        dance in front of tourists in return for food.   pigmentation. In Europe, the prejudice
        Apparently, a local policeman was bribed   and bigotry is linked more with the ethnic
        to take tourists into the reserve, where   background of different people groups. In
        the natives were persuaded to dance for   other lands, native groups and aboriginals
        food and other gifts. The outcry from the   are viewed as less “advanced” and infe-
        public was justifiably one of anger. Human   rior by the dominant culture. It may be a
        beings were being treated like specimens   broad generalization, but it is likely every
        in the zoo. Righteous indignation over the   culture has another culture which it views
        demeaning of other human beings erupted   as inferior or less desirable. If we think
        over the incident. We all sense that there is   we are free of racial bias, we are probably
        an inherent dignity in every human being.  deceiving ourselves.
          Yet, racial prejudice is virtually univer-  Those familiar with the history of slavery
        sal. It is not only a matter of the color of   and the Civil War in the USA are painfully
        one’s skin; racial prejudice exists in many   aware of how Scripture was employed by
        countries based on differences in ethnicity   both sides in the conflict to justify the moral
        with another ethnic group being deemed   positions they held. Reproach was brought
        racially inferior. Jews deemed Gentiles an   upon the Word of God and, doubtless, the
        inferior race. The Samaritans were viewed   heart of God was grieved.
        as so inferior that the Jews had no dealings   For some born and raised in the inner
        with them (John 4). The Philistines hated   cities of the USA where racial violence

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