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ast month, we looked at what Chris-  As the ensuing discussion confirms, he is
              tians have as a result of the resurrec-  stressing the outworking in our lives of the
        Ltion - things that are true of all of us   change. “That henceforth we should not
        by virtue of the fact that we are believers.   serve sin” (v6). This new “walk” began, not
        However,  the  resurrection  also  makes   at baptism, but at conversion. It was in our
        practical demands on our daily lives, and   baptism we publicly declared it. We have a
        this will be our consideration here.  solemn responsibility to live a life distinct
          All the Scriptures we will refer to were   from that which we lived before.
        written by Paul. Several of them are deeply  The Direction of a Believer’s life
        personal, relating to his particular circum-  In the days before we trusted Christ, we
        stances. However, this does not lessen their   lived for self, but this is no longer so: “He
        application to us, for what was true of him   died for all, that they which live should
        should also be true of us.           not henceforth live unto themselves, but
        The Distinctiveness of a Believer’s Life  unto Him which died for them, and rose
          In Romans 6:4 we read “like as Christ   again” (2Cor 5:15, KJV). The fact that He
        was raised up from the dead by the glory   died for us shows that we owe it to Him
        of the Father, even so we also should walk   to live for Him. But, while we could honor
        in newness of life” (KJV). Christ’s resurrec-  the memory of someone who had died, and
        tion brought about a big change for Him,   remained dead, we could not live “unto”
        and there has been a big change for us also.   such a one. However, the One Who died
        The word “newness” refers, not to that   rose again, so we have a living Savior to
        which is new in time, but new in quality.   live for. The direction of service in our lives
        Thus, Paul is contrasting the life which   has totally changed. It is no longer unto
        we now live with the pre-conversion life.   self, but unto Him.

        72   TRUTH kTidings   March  2018
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