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A                                    mended from Huntsville and came for
               movement of God began in Eng-
               land and other places 100 years
                                             gospel meetings. He was concerned about
               before the gospel came to Earlton.
        It was preached in renewed simplicity and   relatives in the Charlton area just north
                                             of Earlton. He spent time preaching in
        believers began to gather to the Name of   homes and schoolhouses, and his sister,
        the Lord Jesus Christ outside the religious   Florence  Rodgers,  was  saved.  She  was
        systems.                             the grandmother of David Rodgers who
        Earlton                              was commended to Chile in 1977. Bruce
          In 1870, 37 years before the Earlton as-  Rodgers was commended in 1980, and
        sembly began, Donald Ross (Scotland)   Murray Pratt in 1977. Murray and Bruce
        severed  ties  with  the  Coastal  Mission,   pushed farther north in 1979 and saw two
        where the clergy represented the great-  assemblies formed at Kapuskasing (300km
        est opposition. The next year, co-worker   northwest of Charlton) and Timmins. Op-
        Donald Munro came to southern Ontario,   position grew in Charlton, but the devil
        and God worked in many places, including   outwitted himself when the school was
        Toronto, where several assemblies began.   closed to them and Florence’s husband,
        One of these split in 1892 and became   feeling sorry, convened the meetings in his
        Brock Avenue. In 1903, Albert Carr, stirred   home, where he was then saved.
        by the death of his mother, found the hall   The assembly began in Charlton in 1923.
        and was saved. He would bring gospel   The brethren bought a schoolhouse, and
        preachers to Earlton four years later.  the Earlton brethren helped them move
          The railway pushed its way into north-  it to the corner of the Rodgers farm, two
        ern Ontario to Earlton in 1905. That same   miles north of Charlton. This was a good
        year, Mr. Carr arrived and obtained one of   location as these were still the “horse and
        the farm lots. In 1907, his hired hand said,   buggy” days. In 1966, a hardware store in
        “There are preachers at New Liskeard that   town became the new gospel hall, and Ar-
        talk like you.” Mr. Carr walked 30km south   nold Adams held three weeks of ministry
        and found the two young preachers, and   on the gospel of John.
        soon John Sylvester and Fred Watson were   In 1927, George Shivas and James Kay
        at Earlton. A number were saved and an   held  gospel  meetings  at  Charlton  and
        assembly commenced that year. Mr. Carr   decided to unite the Earlton and Charlton
        built a house which could also be used as   believers for some ministry at Charlton.
        a meeting room. More were saved and, in   A two-ton truck was hired, benches and
        1911, they built a little gospel hall three   planks were arranged in the back, and the
        miles west of Earlton which was used until   believers had two meetings. This cold No-
        a more suitable hall was built.      vember conference was held again the next
          In those days, the Booth children went   year in October. Later, it convened on the
        to the Sunday school. Robert Booth was   July 1 holiday weekend as a five-day con-
        one of those children, and later became a   ference, with meetings rotating between
        preacher of the gospel, as did his son Da-  Earlton and Charlton. Since 1965, it has
        vid. As the war ended in 1918, they, along   been convened at Englehart High School.
        with many others, left the area for the south.  Englehart
        Charlton                               About this time, Margaret Bailey, age
          In 1921, Ben Widdifield, 42, was com-  19, came to work in Englehart, between

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