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The 8-to-5 grind is no fun! It’s all Adam’s   and he had a supervisor to Whom he was
        fault. If only he had not sinned, we could   accountable – the Lord.There were work
        all be enjoying picnics in the park rather   policies – “Of every tree of the Garden
        than pain in the workplace. Is that so? Is   thou mayest freely eat, but of the tree of
        being gainfully and, at times, painfully   knowledge … “(2:16-17, KJV); and there
        employed, all Adam’s fault? Was he just   was a day off a week – the Sabbath.
        strolling through Eden, communing with   What was introduced at the fall was not
        nature day by day?                   the concept of working each day, but the
          Work  actually  began  before  the  fall.   increase in difficulty linked with that work.
        Adam was assigned a work place – the   When Adam fell, God told him the ground
        Garden; he was given a work description –   which He had now cursed would yield
        “to dress it and to keep it” (Gen 2:15, KJV);   “thorns and thistles” (3:18), intensifying

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