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he brave and intrepid pioneer mov-  Before you begin extolling its virtues,
              ing  west  across  North America,   please be apprised that there is a new
        Tblazing new trails and opening      “individualism” abroad. This one is not so
        new vistas for all, is the veritable icon of   much interested in what it can accomplish
        North American history. The individual   and leave for generations to come. This is
        who, against all seeming odds, not only   a worldview where self is all that matters.
        survived but prospered amidst hostile ele-  Being “who you really are” and express-
        ments, and left a heritage for others, is the   ing that “true self” regardless of what
        standard which past centuries established.   society thinks or says is touted as the new
        This rugged “individualism” served soci-  individualism. The “rules” and “norms” of
        ety and expanding nations well. Some of   society are, in fact, a threat to becoming the
        the exploits may be embellished by legend   “real me.” This may seem benign or even
        and myth, but the kernel of truth which   virtuous to some at first. But bear with me
        remains is inspiring and instructive. They   and read on, and you will see how this has
        are the heroes we grew up with during our   contributed to our current moral morass.
        formative years; the legends and stories   When God created Adam, for whatever
        we immersed ourselves in as children.   period of time which existed prior to the
        Individualism served our countries well. If   fall, Adam was a God-centered being. In
        we define individualism as responsibility   his innocence, everything revolved around
        and accountability for one’s own actions,   God. Periods of intimate communion as
        then you can give it high marks in your   they walked together in the cool of the
        assessment of character traits.      day must have reinforced that each day in

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