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to the extreme amount of work needed. I   opening day and seven years after the first
        can take you to the very spot I was sitting   gospel plunge, 12 of us, with 33 visitors,
        when the phone rang informing us that   sat down around a loaf of bread and cup
        the city had accepted our proposal, even   of wine to remember the Lord Jesus. Saints
        though another proposal was higher. On   wept as they thought of the grace of God
        March 12, 2013 we were given the key to   and, like Nehemiah, “perceiv[ed] that this
        the new gospel hall. On April 1st, 18 days   work was of God” (Neh 6:16, KJV). This
        after taking possession, the Lord saved   was the first assembly planted in the state
        Dan Massoth, driving home from his boy-  of Iowa in 40 years. Since our commence-
        hood home in Kansas. I mentioned in my   ment we have grown to 22. In the words
        opening paragraph that young people had   of Samuel we can say, “Hitherto hath the
        moved to this area. One of those young   Lord helped us” (1Sam 7:22, KJV).
        people was Melody, Dan’s wife. How   Burden for Gentiles
        humbling to see the grace of God.
          Now it was time to begin the physical   After Ankeny, we were led to another
        work. Every imaginable aspect of remod-  field untouched by the gospel. Sharing
        eling was required to make this building   the same exercise were three young men
        useable. Cupboards were removed, ceil-  who had moved to the (Davenport) Quad
        ings raised, cement floors leveled, drywall   Cities: Andrew Baker, and Jeff and Danny
        replaced, bathrooms overhauled, and the   Saword. For years, this area tugged at my
        entire building, from front to back, painted.   heart and now, like Ankeny, other believ-
        Not all, but most of the work was done by   ers had moved to this area. After weeks of
        believers who volunteered their energy   organization by Tim and Eunice McCally,
        and time. One family, coming from Por-  plans were set for a Seed Sower distribu-
        tage, MB, gave most-appreciated help.   tion the first week in August 2015. It was
        Nehemiah finished repairing Jerusalem’s   a thrill to watch seven van loads leave the
                                             campground each morning to distribute
        walls in 52 days. On the 54th day, we   John 3:16 texts. Needing a room for meet-
        enjoyed opening day as we met together   ings, we were directed to the Davenport
        for the first time. On May 5, 2013, Robert   Police station. They permitted the public
        Weber spoke to five children on the num-  to use a room there free of charge. As in
        ber “5.”                             Ankeny, among the 75 Seed Sower helpers,

        Baptism Gladness                     the Lord gave us several young men with
                                             gospel gift. We were introduced to several
          On a picture-perfect August day, 55   visitors. One was Angel Clark, born in
        adults and 10 children witnessed our first   Bethlehem, who professed in 2010. Nancy
        baptism, with four men obeying the Lord.   Kling, saved in 2006 tent meetings about
        Christians from several assemblies, some   150 miles to the west, moved to Davenport.
        driving 100 miles, gave their support. Over   She was the means of bringing Odalia,
        900 lbs. of “the old man” were buried.   who trusted Christ one night during the
        Thankfully we can say three of the four   meeting. In addition, seven believers who
        remain with us in happy fellowship.  are gospel minded and support meetings
                                             well, live within an hour’s drive. Currently,
        Brethren Gathered                    the focus has shifted from Davenport to
          On May 4, 2014, exactly one year after   Muscatine. Please pray for us.

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