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he Ankeny area was often in the   From the summer of 2010 to the fall of 2011
              back of my mind because of several   the Lord moved three assembly couples to
        Tyoung people with gospel back-      the Ankeny area. They were a huge help
        grounds who had moved to this area. One   in supporting the gospel. We were later
        November day, my exercise changed from   directed to the Fairfield Inn, and we used
        “someday” to “now.” It was November 16,   their conference room for 14 months. Here
        2006, standing at the gravesite of Sharon   the Lord gave us two more souls.
        Kampman, a faithful sister from the Mari-
        on assembly. Also there and listening was   Believers are Guided
        Dennis Andreessen, 65, a man raised in an   We began a Sunday school and teach-
        excellent home going to Sunday school at   ing meeting every Lord’s Day and gospel
        the Waterloo assembly. Dennis and Marge   at night. These days were a great blessing
        raised their family in Des Moines; the nest   to the flock. It was almost impossible to
        was now empty. I asked Dennis, “if gospel   get other children, but one thing we no-
        meetings were held in Ankeny would you   ticed: the interest in ministry was rising.
        come?” He immediately said yes. Under   Believers were enjoying the manna and
        my breath I said, “Lord. I’m going to   appreciation was evident. Our position
        Ankeny.” Leonard De Buhr would have   in Christ, which brought great privilege
        said, “Lord? If you’re going to Ankeny,   and responsibilities, was meaningful to
        can I go along?” We were led to a large   the saints. It was becoming clear that God
        schoolhouse called the Nevelin Center and   was not only working with sinners, but
        allowed to rent one small room. Shoving   also in the hearts of believers. The truth of
        the contents into a corner, we put up the   gathering to the Lord’s name in assembly
        Two Roads chart and invited the people.   capacity was becoming a priority.
        Our first meetings were six weekends in
        the spring of 2007, but few came. Dennis  Building is Garnered
        and Marge, however, never missed. In   An empty city office building with a flat
        August meetings were held for eight more   cement parking lot was located.  On July 8,
        weekends. Two very profitable Seed Sower   2012 the entire flock toured the building.
        distributions were conducted in 2012 and   Two of the brethren wanted to bulldoze,
        2013. The response was poor but in both   but after much discussion, it was decided
        summers the Lord gave us several visitors   to pursue purchasing the building, even
        to our nightly meeting.              though we knew many working hours
        Births from God                      would be required. During these months
                                             of spiritual heart searching, on August
          We will never forget the night Dennis   12th my normal reading directed me to
        was saved, August 20, 2007, through the   Isaiah 8:10.  The last five words are, “for
        words of a hymn, “Jesus paid it all, all to   God is with us.” That was a real boost. This
        him I owe.” The words “Jesus paid it all”   gave us personal confidence to continue
        opened his mind to see the work of Christ   the discussion as to a building. Several
        was finished, just for Dennis. Meetings   meetings were held with the saints. We
        continued in the spring and fall for the next   finally agreed to submit a bid, expecting
        two years, with God reaching two more.   to be denied because of the low offer due

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