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demonstrate that God’s Word is precisely   of Ham, son of Noah (Gen 10:1-6). The
        true in thousands of historical details, it is   Old Testament mentions the Hittites 46
        perfectly reasonable to conclude that its   times, and identifies them as adversaries of
        claims in non-verifiable matters are equally   Israel. For generations, however, skeptics
        correct. But all the evidence and arguments   doubted the existence of the Hittites, be-
        together only raise the probability that   cause there was no record of them outside
        the Bible is true to a very high degree. At   the Bible. Then in 1884 AD, the Irish mis-
        the end of the day, the conviction that the   sionary William Wright discovered their
        Bible is absolutely true comes from the   writings near modern Boghazkoi, Turkey,
        Bible itself:  “Faith comes from hearing,   and in 1906, the German archaeologist
        and hearing through the word of Christ”   Hugo Winckler identified local ruins as
        (Rom 10:17, ESV).                    their ancient capital, Hattusa. Eventually,
                                             their language was deciphered from a
        Christianity is a Historical Faith   trove of over 10,000 clay tablets. Today, the
          The factual accuracy of the Biblical   University of Chicago offers a doctorate in
        narrative is crucial, because the Christian   Hittite Studies.
        faith is a historical faith; it records what  King David
        God has done in history. Unlike other   David, the shepherd boy who first
        faiths, Christian doctrines depend on real   gained fame as a musician, and then as the
        historical events. Spiritual truths, which   giant slayer, became the second king of the
        cannot be empirically verified, are yoked   United Kingdom of Israel and Judah (2Sam
        to physical truths, which can be empiri-  5:1-3). He wrote many of the Psalms, and
        cally verified. For example, the doctrine   the prophetic literature portrays him as an
        of the impeccability of Christ depends   ideal king and the ancestor of the coming
        on the fact of His virgin conception, and   Messiah. Yet many Bible critics regarded
        the doctrine of salvation depends on the   him as merely a figure of legend, and chose
        fact of His death and resurrection. These   to dismiss several possible references to
        events must have literally occurred for the   David on the stele (inscribed stone) set up
        doctrines to be true.                by the Moabite king Mesha (848 BC), and
          Much of what the Bible says can be test-  another reference in the Shishak Temple
        ed—historically, geographically, scientifi-  (925 BC). In 1994, however, archeologists
        cally—and the claims of Scripture always   discovered the Tel Dan Stele in northern
        pass the test. Only divine inspiration can   Galilee, a basalt slab that records the Syr-
        account for this incredible accuracy: “It is   ian king Hazael’s boast, “I killed Joram son
        impossible for God to lie” (Heb 6:18, KJV).   of Ahab, and Ahaziah, son of Jehoram, of
        The following examples give a taste of the   the house of David” (see 2Kings 8:28-29).
        vast cornucopia of historical evidence that   Elisha had predicted this, and had wept
        validates the Bible’s accuracy.      about it (2Kings 8:11-12). By mentioning
        The Hittites                         eight kings in a tight historical setting,
          The Hittites occupied the region of Ana-  this stele places the historicity of David
        tolia (also known as Asia Minor—modern   beyond any reasonable doubt. In 1995,
        Turkey) as far back as the time of Abraham.   Israeli archeologist Eilat Mazar excavated
        According to Genesis 10, they were the   King David’s palace, guided by the Bible’s
        descendants of Heth, son of Canaan, son   description (e.g. 2Sam 5:11).
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