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“       ersions!” For some, that word     visiting, uses a different one?
               sounds like the starting bell at a   •   Why do people get upset and argue
        Vboxing match, and they leap into        over versions of the Bible?
        the ring with fists swinging. For others,   •   What is the background for some of
        it sounds like a fire alarm, and they run   the versions and Bibles we use?
        for the nearest exit. We will try to remain   First, consider two basic observations
        seated as this article begins a series, by   about the New Testament:
        various authors, that hopes to objectively
                                               The Spirit of God chose to include quota-
        consider some key questions, including:  tions from a translation of the original Old
        •   How can I evaluate a translation?  Testament text.
        •   How do committees translate the    The Spirit of God chose an easily under-
            Bible?                           stood form of the Greek language, even
        •   What advantages and disadvantages   though a more formal and robust version
            are there if I use multiple translations?  of Greek was available.
        •   Why do some modern translations not   These may seem insignificant, but they
            have verses that are found in older   help answer two important questions:
            translations?                    1. Can a Translation be called the Word
        •   If the original Scriptures don’t exist,   of God?
            how do we know a Bible translation   The Old Testament was written almost
            is accurate?                     entirely in Hebrew, the language used by
        •   Is there a perfect translation of the   Israel for centuries. But, by the 3rd century
            Bible?                           BC, “More Jews lived outside of Palestine
        •   Why are there so many versions out   than in it. Communities of Jews could
            there?                           be found in Alexandria (Egypt), Antioch
        •   What should I do if I like a specific   (Syria), Asia Minor, Greece, and Italy. Very
            version and the assembly I am in, or   few of them spoke Hebrew or even read

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