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od communicating is integral to   of God” reminds us that 1) what is written,
               His self-revelation. Both creation   God says; 2) it is complete and, 3) it is a
        Gand the written Word are the re-    message addressed directly to me for my
        sult of divine speech. “By the word of the   trust and obedience.
        Lord the heavens were made, and by the   The broad usage of Old Testament texts
        breath of His mouth all their host” (Psa   (in the New Testament called the Scrip-
        33:6, ESV) and Paul adds “All scripture is   tures) by New Testament writers and
        given by inspiration of God” (2Tim 3:16,   preachers, speaks to their inspiration. Jesus
        KJV).                                Himself references the major divisions of
          In his context, inspiration simply means   the Old Testament (Law, Prophets, and
        God-breathed (theopneustos). Paul may   Psalms) as Scripture when He speaks in
        have coined the word (there is no evidence   the upper room following His resurrec-
        of its use in language prior to Paul) to   tion (Luke 24:44). The New Testament will
        evoke the imagery of air passing across   sometimes even comment on, and add to,
        the divine voice box as the mind of God   the information found in the Old Testa-
        is communicated to us in words. The use   ment, further highlighting divine author-
        of breath also brings to mind the activity   ship. An example is Psalm 2. Anonymously
        of the Spirit (they are the same word in   written according to the Old Testament,
        Greek). It is no surprise, then, that we see   Acts 4:25 indicates that David was the
        the Trinity active in its distinctive roles in   author. It is interesting that Peter, writing
        the formation of the Word of God. God’s
        domain is the spoken Word (Heb 1:1), the   after most, if not all, of Paul’s epistles, refers
        Lord Jesus is the Incarnate Word (John 1:1)   to them as Scripture (2Peter 3:15-16).
        and the Spirit of God’s responsibility is the   Faithful believers appreciate that the
        written Word (2Peter 1:21).          universe was created by the Word of God
          The historic teaching of inspiration has   (Heb 11:3) so that the material world we
        been described as verbal (meaning that   observe  appeared  out  of  nothing.  But
        God communicated words) and plenary   what about the Bible? How did inspiration
        (meaning God is the source of all Scrip-  work? God spoke and men wrote? God’s
        ture). Since God is the sole Source of the   ways are inscrutable, but He has given
        Bible, it is both authoritative and inerrant   indications as to how this occurred.
        (free of error or fault in its teaching). In his   First, it is fair to draw parallels (Heb 1:1,
        helpful book, God Has Spoken, J. I. Packer   Rev 19:13) between the Incarnate Word
        points out that calling the Bible “The Word   (Christ) and the Written Word (Bible). Re-

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