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he robes of the King of Judah lay   of archeology and the evidence which sup-
              rent in his throne room; the vessels   ports the eternal Word of God.
        Tdedicated to the worship of Baal lay   The Scripture stands alone in its author-
        in smoldering ashes; Topheth, in the val-  ity and permanence. The Lord Jesus testi-
        ley of Hinnom, lay defiled and destroyed,   fied, “Heaven and earth shall pass away:
        so that no child should ever again pass   but My words shall not pass away” (Mark
        through the fire of Molech in that place.   13:31, KJV). So, as we consider the wonder-
        While the idolatrous history of Judah was   ful, faith-confirming truth of archeological
        being laid low, the Word of the Lord was   support for the Word of God, we must
        lifted up.                           consider that these archeological relics
          The king lifted up his voice in the house   will also pass away with this Earth. But,
        of the Lord. Standing before the priests   this Word, the One Who claims the title of
        and the prophets and all the people, both   the Word, and those who have received
        small and great, they lifted up an ancient   His Word, will endure. To this end, while
        scroll to read and to renew the Book of the   we appreciate and enjoy the confirmation
        Covenant. What had been the catalyst to   of archeology, we do not build our faith
        such an impactful and purposeful change   upon the crumbling remains of the past.
        in the declining kingdom of Judah? The   However, our hearts can be encouraged
        18-year-old king, Josiah, had a desire to   to consider the scrolls and inscriptions,
        repair the breaches and damage in the   codices and coins, arches and artwork,
        house of the Lord. He had tasked Shaphan   tombs and catacombs, which hold a rich
        the scribe, and Hilkiah the high priest, with   treasure of biblical evidence. In light of
        securing the funds to achieve this mission.   this consideration, what follows are a few
        As they searched for earthly treasure, they   examples of these findings.
        discovered heavenly treasure in the form   In attacking the reliability of Scripture,
        of a copy of the long-lost Book of the Law.   many have questioned the historical exis-
        It was this archeological find, this unerr-  tence of the people and places recorded
        ing copy of the Word of the Lord which   within its pages. Pontius Pilate, though
        had rocked the culture and convictions of   long deceased, has not escaped such at-
        the kingdom. As we consider the Word of   tacks. However, in 1961, during the ex-
        God and its inspiration, its reliability, its   cavation of a Roman theater in Caesarea,
        accuracy, its adequacy, and its authority, it   his name was found chiseled in limestone.
        is fitting that we should consider the field   That stone, and the words, “To the people

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